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Low Budget - British Comedy, Drama or Horror

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  • Script Wanted Low Budget - British Comedy, Drama or Horror

    Hello all

    New to the forums, but I do intend on stocking around.

    I'm a British guy residing on the South Coast of sheepish Wales. Worked on a couple of short films as various roles, always assisting others to get to there end games. But I really want to have a crack at directing. I seem to observe & point out flaws before people run into them, and certainly feel I have the ambition & initiative to create a new beautiful peace.

    Naturally I'm looking to source a micro-budget film, professional outstanding cast & a brilliant strong script. I'm looking to shoot a film locally.

    (Just to clarify when I say locally! But there is a nearby city)

    Perhaps a horror, something that takes it to the next level. I'm not afraid of breaking the invisible rules, and want to bring in something shocking to the game. Alternatively I've thought about going the opposite direction and going for a comedy. I want to work in heavy emotions to a film, if I could reduce the audience to a single tear or break out a tension swear - I'll consider my job complete.

    If you feel that perhaps we're on the same page, pardon the pun, then please feel free to drop me a line as I'd love to hear from you.
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    Dear Lighthouse Keeper,

    I would like to propose three possibilities for your consideration. One is a comedy, the other two horror. The horror screenplays push the envelope as they are psychologically-lead, not slasher gore or campy 80's stuff.

    1. Cottage Rules - A young male does his best to survive his family for one day at a reunion held at his grandfather's cottage.

    Why it can work for you? Taking place in one day, the film focuses on the definition of family, bondage and sacrifice. A dark comedy but surely to bring a tear to people who have had to put up with difficult or neurotic family members, I think this could serve as a vehicle for an up-and-coming male actor.

    While I'm not familiar with British comedy, my family is Canadian and up north they have their own sense of humor.

    2. Bane - After being terminated from his job, a man turns to crime to get by. In the process he develops an alternate personality which begins consuming his mind.

    I've had this posted on this website for about a month, gaining over 200 views. While there were no bites, it's a dark thriller. It contains noir-dialogue, my favorite, and good production value. The killings are brutal and personal, and most locations are general buildings such as bars, apartments, hotel rooms, etc.

    Also, the evolution of the killer is shown, making the story plausible.

    3. Hallowed Ground - A clown at a carnival develops a scheme to kill off his associates.

    This is a symbolic horror film, because the carnival serves as Purgatory. It's explained in the screenplay what the rules are for the afterlife, but in a nutshell God is lenient, the Devil likes having fun and those who serve in the carnival are free to choose whether to become good or bad.

    Taking place in a single location, the carnival, the story is fast paced but layered, with several twists and plenty of blood. Proper planning and special effects (makeup, blood, fire) will be needed but it's nothing farfetched.

    In regards to payment, I will accept no money. I want experience. I have a full-time job, it pays my bills, and allows me to invest in film projects. However, I would like to have a voice in any of the projects, whether as a PA or producer.

    Let me know your thoughts and thank you for your time.



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      Let's talk

      Hello, Lighthouse Keeper:

      I read your post with great interest.

      Briefly, about me: I am ...

      (1) a screenwriter, striving to break through
      (2) able to write to a spec - so your suggested script is within my capabilities
      (3) enthusiastic
      (4) easy to work with (no tantrums!)

      I don't think any of my dozen or so existing scripts fills the bill in terms of budget or location, so I'm willing to start from scratch (don't panic -I write fast).

      Oh .... and I'm Welsh.

      If you're interested, please feel free to get in touch.




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        Thanks for Replying

        Hi, Kieran!

        Why OVER the pub? Why not IN the pub?
        What do you drink down there? Banks's bitter?

        I've tried sending this message to the "Old Light"
        site, but it keeps bouncing back, so I'll bung it in

        Okay, this might be mildly disappointing, though
        I hope not. I'm from North Wales (Wrexham, actually)
        but I live in Spain. In this age of instant communication,
        I don't see this as a drawback - indeed, I think it's an
        advantage. I get back to the UK regularly (I'll be there
        in July), and you can always hop on Easyjet and come
        to Ronda (note: that's "Ronda", not "Rhondda").

        Thanks for answering my message so promptly.

        I'm looking forward to having a productive chat.
        Whenever you want, you are welcome to get in touch.

        Diolch yn fawr.

        Mike Coy