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20 Page Drama for IMDB Credit & Copy

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  • 20 Page Drama for IMDB Credit & Copy

    Synopsis: Lily, a virgin when it comes to sex and lead acting roles, thinks she has landed her first lead role in a low-budget independent short film. Lily is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she keeps the lead role, even giving up her virginity to who she thinks is a very important member of the crew, Bryan, which in reality he is the boom operator. Landing a lead role is not only important to Lily, but a promise given to her dying grandmother before she passes. When Lily finds out the truth accidentally, that the part was never in fact hers, she takes an extreme measure to be reconsidered for the part.

    I am willing to offer this short script for IMDB credit, copy, and perhaps a chance to be on set.

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    Sounds like an amusing, deep & interesting short!


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      Thank you! Would you like me to email it over for you to give it a read? Are you a producer or director?