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  • Screenwriter Wanted OutLine for found footage

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    Hey guys,

    I will make this short and sweet.

    I am looking for someone to make an outline of a found footage idea I have, If selected, you will be given a half page idea of a found footage film I have written, and I want you to turn it into a 2 page outlined story (bullet points) with your conversion from beginning to end.

    There will be many more of these to come, so if you dont get this gig, then dont give up, I really do recognize those that try, and am willing to give them first shot on the next one, will should be ready for prep in a few weeks.

    Pay $400 (outline only)

    Future payments for script will be negotiated

    Nick Soares
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    Hi Nick. I have written over 70 feature screenplays of my own and many for producers. I write full-time. You can find out more about my work on my web site:

    Vicky L. Neal Home - Vicky L. Neal


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      Possible Candidate

      Hello Nick,

      I'd really enjoy giving this a go. I got plenty of time and can meet a deadline.



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        Found Footage treatment

        Hi Nick,
        I'm interested in giving it a shot. What kind of timeline are you looking at regarding turnaround. I have a book due next week but could get started after I turn it in.


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          Looks like a few writers are up to the task as I am. I would love to read what you have and if it turns my crank then count me in.

          Dennis Goldberg


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            I also am interested and available. I've sold specs and been hired to adapt books (currently have one film in post and another being packaged).

            Nate Barlow


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              Hi Nick,

              Sounds like a good challenge.

              I’ve won 8 screenwriting contests with 5 scripts.

              Please consider me also for the outline.

              Russ Meyer


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                I'm a big "found footage" fan. Would love to help you out on this project. I'm listed on, but something not yet mentioned there is that my second feature film (YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING) just won the People's Choice Award for Best Feature at the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival in Maine. If interested, feel free to reach me at my e-mail address; tripleb221[at] Good luck in any event.

                Bob Madia


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                  what do you need in order to be hired for this? A writing sample? maybe a resume?


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                    Originally posted by actorwriter View Post
                    what do you need in order to be hired for this? A writing sample? maybe a resume?
                    Anything will help, resume, small samples of past work, credits, etc....

                    Thanks everyone for the interest, and remember there is only room for one to be hired and tested and there will be more, and those that are being active and replying will be remembered for the next if not selected for this one
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                      Nick - I'm also interested in this project. I'm currently in pre-production on a found footage screenplay that I wrote which made Top 250 in the first Project Greenlight competition. The second round was based solely on my video bio, so while I am be a boring person, I'm a great writer. :^)

                      thanks - kevin


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                        I'd love to have a go at this as well. I've had plenty of experience outlining my own ideas, so I'm totally up to it:)


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                          I have a very interesting idea guys, I'll post it tomorrow
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                            Found Footage Project

                            Hi, Nick!

                            I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. Please tell me more.




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                              script outline for $400

                              I will give it a try