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Controversial psychological film "Am I Adam?"

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  • Script For Sale Controversial psychological film "Am I Adam?"

    “Am I Adam?” is the story of a guy name Adam who after losing his mother to suicide, his long term girlfriend to his own stupidity and graduating from a small town in Oklahoma, sets off to college at the University of Central Oklahoma. He stays with his friend John and Wendy as they sell pot, trip acid and turn their three story dead head hostel into a local dub-step DJ wonderland. After months of drug induced insomniac party rocking, Adam wakes up and checks out of a Rehab facility upon learning that his parents have paid 50,000 dollars for his non-refundable treatment and have refused contact with him until he can pass a drug test. On his travels back to Oklahoma City, Adam meets a Geologist who gifts him with DMT, the strongest hallucinogen known to man. Adam smokes the spiritual molecule and learns the equation to time travel – Explaining that if a mass population of people stand together and believe with their heart and minds together in the infinite space and ability of our minds have to travel through time then time travel will occur. – Adam comes out of this trip and realizes this is what he must do. He then faces the struggles of losing his friends who believe that he has completely fried his brain. He finds himself spending all of his waking time in a rave club called “Kamps” in Oklahoma City in order to speak this equation to people of like minds. Adam finally meets the person to make his dreams come true when crossing paths with a DJ who invites him to speak the message out at the worlds largest dubstep festival. The festival is planned to take place on 12/21/2012 but due to the apocalyptic scare the ticket sales have dramatically declined- and they chose to hire Adam to speak the equation to an audience that ends up being as large as the viewers who watched the first steps on the moon. Everyone is watching in hopes to go back and change what they have done in order to bring there souls to heaven. The movie highlights a kick butt soundtrack being exemplified at this portion of the film ending in a visual guided meditation of what Adam saw in and learned in his DMT trip. The climax of the film lies in the end when the question is being asked is Am I Adam? Could watching the premier of this film be relative to the audience of the festival in the film? Once explained the equation could actual time travel be performed?

    Shooting trailer now- message me if interested.