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    Title: NO WAY BACK

    Low budget horror/thriller 89 pages.

    Logline: When three young people become stranded in a boat with a stranger, despair turns into terror as they fight not only the elements but each other for survival.

    Synopsis: “NO WAY BACK” is the story of a young woman MEGAN, her overbearing sister SUMMER and her sister’s conservative husband MARCUS who while on vacation hire a boat and take a snorkelling trip. As they check out their rather battered boat a handsome stranger called CHARLIE approaches, he wishes to join them.

    The next morning after an evening of drunken fun, Charlie claims the outboard motor has flooded. Not knowing where they are or how far they’ve drifted during the night they have no choice but to sit and wait it out.

    With their food quickly consumed and their water supplies foolishly depleted, the situation becomes increasingly desperate when they discover Summer has suddenly fallen ill. Charlie gets perverse pleasure in informing the others he heard her drinking the sea water the night before.

    The barely conscious Summer wakes to the sound of a mobile phone ringing. The man calling claims to be Adams probation officer. He identifies Adam as Charlie from the satanic cross tattooed on his hand. The probation officer warns, with urgency, that “this man is dangerous”. Charlie sees Summer with the mobile phone and quickly swims back. He attacks Summer who falls and severely injuries her head.

    With Summer’s head injury now badly infected Marcus decides he has no choice but to try and swim back for help. Megan pleads for him not to go. Charlie suggests a more sinister option. He suggests they should draw lots and that the loser should be sacrificed so the others can eat. After a tense scene of Russian roulette Charlie picks the shortest lot, but he doesn’t want to die, why should he when Summer’s already so close to death? Unknown to Marcus and Megan that night Charlie hears them plotting together – plotting to kill him.

    In a fleeting moment of consciousness Summer communicates to Megan that she fears ‘he’ never wanted her to survive. Observing this exchange and in an increasingly paranoid state of mind, Charlie suddenly attacks. During the struggle Megan stabs Charlie with his diving knife. There is now another boat approaching. Fearful of the consequences they decide to dump the body overboard. But Charlie won’t sink. Megan jumps into the water she tries to fix the problem but suddenly Charlie is awake and pulling her down. Marcus grabs his underwater camera. He smashes it against Charlie’s head until he lets go, until finally they are free.

    But this is not the end of the story. As they sail away on the rescue boat Charlie is on board. However, it’s not Charlie but Marcus who is the dangerous stranger. Marcus reveals to Megan the terrible truth not only about the vacation but also his marriage and his intention to kill them all.


    December 2010 - Project 72 was optioned by Nasser Entertainment.

    March 2011 - Co-wrote The Ganzfeld Experiment with director Michael Oblowitz. Staring Rumer Willis and Billy Zane. Theatrical release 01/02/2012. See IMDB for further details.

    June 2011 - Performed a major re-write for director Brandon Jameson of Link Technologies. Will receive a writers credit.

    For further information please contact: rileycaroline666[at]