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Script for sell: Jersey Horror/Thriller

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  • Script for sell: Jersey Horror/Thriller

    My name is Russell Davis and I'm looking to sell my screenplay Jersey. I have written 7 screenplays and maintain my own critic blog that is closing in on 30000 views so far. It's only been around for a little over a year. It already has a director interested in it. The movie could be made with a low budget if necessary. The logline and synopsis is below. If interested in buying the script or working together please contact me xzilez26[at] The script is ready to be viewed via request.

    Thank you,
    Russell Davis

    logline: An abused teen has been framed for numerous murders. He must find the truth behind the killings before the real killer gets to him.


    Massay is a troubled teenager who constantly thinks about suicide. He has a passion for horror movies and enjoys remaking the most gruesome of scenes. He has a friend by the name of Sean that sticks by his side. After a horrible tragedy, he and Massay made a pact. This pact made them brothers forever and that nothing can drive them apart. This causes quite a confusion at school. His peers believe that they are too close and think that something else is going on. Robert and his friends continuously tease them, calling them nasty names and having physical altercations.

    Massay's home life is no better. Massay blames his father for his suicidal wishes and hopes that one day his father gets what he deserves. The mother doesn't agree and has a hard time convincing Massay otherwise. This leads to Massay becoming obsessed with the legend of the Jersey Devil. There are a lot of killings going around in his town and he strongly believes that it's the devil behind it.

    Unfortunately one day he hears that his bullies were brutally murdered. The detectives believe that Massay is the one behind it. Massay thinks that no human could do such things. It had to be the Jersey Devil itself. Massay has no other choice but to prove that he is innocent by finding out if the Jersey Devil truly exists. Can Massay find the truth behind the killings or will he finally get what he wants? Death!