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  • Script For Sale Mud

    I have a 40 page Sci-fi/horror script for sale.

    Obsessive compulsive are just two of the words the neighbors in the isolated, upscale planned community might use to describe psychologist Dr. Mark Aston. Blessed with the perfect wife, perfect house and a yard he painstakingly nurtured like a firstborn child.
    Following a freak meteor shower Mark discovers a golf ball-sized imperfection in his backyard lawn. Assuming the “devil’s spawn” (the children of his oversized neighbors -Big Ed and Kelly) have been sneaking into his yard; he confronts them, but quickly finds that he prefers his teeth just where they are.
    Upon arriving home from a beauty treatment, Mark’s wife, Angela, endures Mark’s tantrum over the small mud hole in his lawn. She jokingly informs him that women pay good money for mud masks at the spa. Mark, not amused, takes a handful of the goop and smears in on Angela’s face. Angry at first, she quickly discovers a pleasing tingle from the mud. To Mark’s surprise she covers her face with the mud.
    Angela’s best friend- beauty supply shop owner -Fran- arrives as Angela is washing off the mud treatment. Fran is amazed how much younger Angela looks. Not convinced, Angela goes to the mirror and inspects her face. Her wrinkles have magically disappeared.
    What begins with Angela, Fran and a few close friends, soon turns into a thriving business as women fill the house to experience the “miracle mask”.
    But what started out as a small hole in Mark’s prized lawn is growing bigger with each passing day, as is Mark’s irritation with Angela for destroying his labor of love.
    The cost of instant beauty comes with a high price tag though. This gooey fountain of youth apparently has a few nasty side effects. The good news is these middle-aged women are turning back the clock and experiencing an increased sexual appetite, much to the delight and sometimes chagrin of their spouses. Bad news is their muddy perspiration and violent mood swings are only the tip of the dirty iceberg so to speak.
    But the mud feels so good…
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