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Script for sale: The Tale of Us

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  • Script for sale: The Tale of Us

    My name is Russell Davis but writes under the pen name Razial David. I have written a low budget drama screenplay that I think would make a good film for any company. I'm looking to sell the script to a production company in order to expand my career. I also have a director by the name of Alvin Gray who's interested in directing the film. Below is the log line and synopsis about the screenplay. If interested in reading the script please contact me xzilez26[at]

    Thank you,
    Russell Davis


    Deacon is a web page designer at a big name company. He has lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend that he loves very much. He also loves the bottle just the same. His mother pays him a visit with some disturbing news and Deacon must make a choice. To either face the reason behind his demon by doing the right thing or shutting everyone out and risking his relationships.

    A woman named Mia loses a loved one by a deadly disease. She encounters a young prostitute by the name of Gina. Mia gets so wrapped up in Ginaís problems that she neglects her own. Can Mia save Gina from her demons without focusing on hers?

    Bobby is a teenager who is obsessed with getting laid. He has a girlfriend that wonít sleep with him and because of this he has a snarky attitude. His mother tells him that something from his past is coming back and he needs to act on it now. He asks his girlfriend to do something that will put both their lives in jeopardy. Without his knowledge his girlfriend Sarah is also facing a demon that no one knows about. Not even her. Can Sarah help bobby with his problem or will Sarah just add to it?

    Ace Anderson is a third grade school teacher who has an obsession with one of his students. He finally meets the mother and forms a friendly relationship with her but he still can't get the motherís daughter out of his mind. When Ace acts on his obsession it will change that little girlís life forever.