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  • Script For Sale Space Pirates

    The crew of the Goddess are pirates but they are more like Robin Hood and his merry than ruthless pirates. The Goddess can separate into three ships, Maiden, Mother and Crone. They are opponent and friends of the crew of Cosmic Traveller. The following are short descriptions of the first ten episodes.

    1. Pilot - see 'Two Tv pilots for sale- space adventure'

    2. Hide-a-beacon - The crew hits a cargo ship that is carrying U.P.R.A. cargo. They find beacon in their booty. In their own way they get rid of the beacons at Pirate Rock.

    3. Between a Rock and a Home Place - While the Maiden is at Cosmic Traveller and Willies the other two ship head to two different places. The Crone go to the Ira'Oy home planet of Kwah'Mo. They find out that isolationists are taking over. Trouble accur because Tama is Krims and they work for a Krims. They need to leave quickly.

    The Mother crew go back to Pirate rock and aren't welcomed by the other guests. They need to fight their way out.

    4. From the Fire to the Freezer - The three ships come together at an ice planet. They are being chased by U.P.R.A. ships. They safe inside the ice planet. The temp is a nice 65 degrees (F). They save a rare Tolo Bera girl from her master. They help buy her freedom.

    5. Lessons Learned - They low on money. They kidnap two kids from a rich family. They dad don't want the brat back right away. The dad makes a deal with them. They keep them for a week, keep thems safe and the dad will pay them three times what they want. They take the kids to rainforest planet and have to free the native from slavers. They get paid and give the kids back.

    6. Bad Luck, Good luck - The two adult witches cast a spell but the teenage witch messes it up. The ship(Goddess) pops from one place to another. Getting into and out of danger. They pick up Skeet and Sue out of space weed. They end up by their fossilized sodarit, Betsy, and a phatom ship. Skeet kidnaps the two youngest. Some go get them the other work on putting the phatom ship and Betsy together.

    7.Going to Market - Some of the crew go to a market ship called the Flying Fish to get some items. Some of the crew go to Earth gets some charmed items they left at their stash. Three of the crew stay at Betsy/Dragon's Fire. So the youngest, who lost an arm long ago, can learn pilot a special ship. They all have their in and out of trouble. They all get back together at the end.

    8. Kidnapped part 2- The story continues. The reason they need Bit Crazy is so she help with getting Chesmu pregnant via test tube baby. The reason for kidnapping Uzu is to complicated to explain here. They meet up with the Cosmic Traveller in a spirit cloud orbit Strofe, Bera home planet. It's the day for the dead at Strofe so they have an unique Dead supper with ghosts.

    9 Hot Potato - After hitting another cargo ship. Fareed gets bit by a poisonous rock spider and crew is asked in away to take up a quest. You will have to read the script to find out about the quest. A small group get rid of the crates of rock spiders and metal eating worms. Fareed survive the bite.

    10. Wrong Turn - While in a subspace toll way the crew takes a wrong turn and everyone, but Rumi, goes a little nuts. Rumi is protected by her wand. She takes over the ship. With some help she gets the ship back into subspace. This one is funny.

    I do have more but don't want give everything away.