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    Title: Sinners

    Logline: A delusional serial killer, who thinks he's doing god's work, plays a game of cat and mouse with a group of college students who he thinks are a bunch of sinners. This will be one Saint Patrick's Day party they will never forget.

    Synopsis: Itís Saint Patrickís Day so you know what that means. Itís the day where college students get drunk to the point of forgetting their own names. A group of friends decide to skip the bar hopping and have a small party of their own in the local woods. Ella doesnít think itís a good idea but her boyfriend, Sean, thinks otherwise.

    Sean and his friends arrive at their destination and the drink fest begins. Little do they know a serial killer is not to far away from them having a party of his own. He has been torturing one of their friends for most of the day and looks to turn his attention to them. He believes their partying ways are full of sin and he wants them all to repent and face their punishments. He enjoys the chase and loves to play mind games. This will be one party they will never forget.

    The script features strong violence, nudity, sex, disturbing images, and dark comedy.

    I'm only interested in selling the rights to the script with an original story credit. If interested please contact me at xzilez26[at] I have the script ready to be viewed.