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Short script - Over The Knee

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  • Short script - Over The Knee

    All quirky, girl-next-door Julie Helgeson wants is to be spanked. Her home life is a mess, her younger brother is out of control, and no one seems to know she exists. On top of that, her stifling Women's Studies class has her convinced that her desire is borne of some freakish disorder that flies in the face of feminism. In a world that does not understand or accept difference, Julie's greatest and most mysterious desire is also her darkest secret. But when that secret is inadvertently revealed, a new friend takes Julie on a journey into the heart of what she wants most, a journey of ultimate love and acceptance of self, a journey that becomes truly empowering. With a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and a lot of heart, the film casts a positive light on a taboo subject that may be more normal than we realize.


    I'm currently putting finishing touches on this short. First draft averaged 30 to 40 pages but it has the potential to expand to 60. This is a story that is very close to me so I'm quite protective of it. While the subject matter may be considered controversial, the execution is tasteful and not exploitative in any way. I am seeking funding to help get it off the ground but would like to direct it myself. I would consider handing it off to someone else as long as they are respectful of what the film is trying to do and say. Thanks for reading!
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    Here are the first ten (actually more like twelve) pages of Over the Knee. Please note the script IS protected by the WGA. Thanks for looking!
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