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TV Pilot - "Dairy Life"

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  • TV Pilot - "Dairy Life"

    "The tribulations of young men and women working at a grocery store as they attempt to move out of retail and achieve better lives."

    With a main cast of less than a dozen and the perfect opportunity for upcoming actors/comedians, the show would focus on the interactions between workers and customers. The main theme of the show would be happiness: how is it attained? who deserves it more? what is happiness? should sacrifice be considered when going for happiness?

    The first two episodes have been written (using Celtx) and the storyline for a seven-episode season is available upon request.

    Overall it would be similar to that of The Office where the majority of the action takes places in a single location, but the appeal would be for adults due to it content. No special effects needed but a grocery store is a must.

    I am not experienced with creating budgets but if a producer would like to take a glance at the script and determine their own budget, I'd be very appreciative.