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    Title: Reap (short)

    Genre: drama/thriller


    After wrapping up a case assignment, private investigator LONDON PEERS, sits inside a small town dive treating herself to a celebratory drink.

    Shortly, after being approached by a sleazy local, London finds herself drugged and sexually assaulted.

    Fearing she will be further victimized as a result of small town politics, London decides to take matters into her own hands with a potent dose of vigilante justice.

    With a surprise twist ending, “Reap” will leave an imprint on the minds of everyone who reads it.

    A sample of the script is attached. All inquiries should be sent to einoconcepts[at]


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    Hi Eino,

    Had a look at your synopsis and sample and think it sounds like a good idea. As only a struggling screenwriter myself, I would have liked to see the scene that shows us how London snaps, or more accurately, the point in which she was going to let the rape go and try to live her live as normal but the guys (or even men in general) pushes her too far, as in that moment in "Absolute Power" where Clint Eastwood has his plane ticket and his about to board but then sees the cowardly President give that press conference and decides "I'm not running from you." As always, feel free to use/disregard my criticism as you see fit.

    Hope this helps,