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    The Concrete Crown

    LOGLINE: What doth it profit a man ... ?

    NICKY SCALZI, Philadelphia hoodlum, becomes a "made man" in 1954. Exiled to Atlantic City by his Don because he is too greedy and aggressive, SCALZI sets about building himself an empire founded on the construction industry.

    His ruthlessness and naked ambition carry him to the top of his profession during the 1960's and 70's, a period of aggrandizement which culminates in the all-out Rigoberti War. However, though ruthlessness and naked ambition can be assets for a mobster on the make, they can also bring about his undoing ...

    This tale of treachery and violence is played out against a rich variety of hit parade sounds, from Doris Day to Bananarama, the backing track to all our lives.
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