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Short for sale: Beyond the Law

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  • Short for sale: Beyond the Law

    A short of 10pages that could make series.

    37-year-old, Paulo Martinis plies his trade as a lawyer with the help of an old friend, an ex-spy whose undying interest is in fishing for information on people. Thanks to him, Paulo wins almost every case, from the sly, businessman, Jonathan Greg whose cars always get mysteriously stolen from garages thus, making him eligible for some monetary compensation to the acclaimed boxer, George Pattison, who failed to reward his trainer after he 'pushed' him into the limelight at a young age. Yet, on George's turn, Paulo knew he had to get away for good so he did, left for an unknown destination in the US the moment he left George's posh, mansion, altered his look and his identity but didn't feel it unnecessary to assure the proud and evil man that he was alive by sending him a message after every one thought he had perished in the flames that devoured his modest rented habitation the night after meeting with George, a.k.a The Bulldozer...
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    I have a few read to read laying on my couch, when im done, I will print out and give this one a shot. If you dont hear from me, just shoot me a reminder to read it.
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