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  • The Utah Murder Project

    Here's what some of the screenwriting community is saying about The Utah Murder Project. The film was originally set for production in 2005, but fell through due to financing.


    Los Angeles narcotics detective Charlie De Santis passes through a sleepy Utah town and is picked up by police in connection with a celebrity's abduction. What the local Chief doesn't know is that De Santis and the celebrity's two girlfriends may be the ones behind a fake ransom demand.

    (original cast included Jeff Conaway, Oz Perkins, Amy Smart, Dee Wallace and Nicole Travolta.)

    "A tautly paced, superbly written screenplay filled with the kind of stylized twists many thrillers wished they had"
    - Kurt Hamilton

    "A super twisting storyline, well written with great characters, plenty of thrills and emotions, and good dilaogue. Highly recommended"
    - Pal Urskine

    "A gripping, edge of your seat thriller from the very beginning. Definitely fulfills the conventions of its genre"
    - JD Simone

    "I enjoyed every minute of it. From beginning to end. Mr. Dickson has yet again put his signature twist to make this one a favorite for me"
    - ES Junior

    Eric Dickson
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    So what is needed for this project to continue?


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      Originally posted by James View Post
      So what is needed for this project to continue?
      I've just recently acquired the rights to the script since I originally wrote it under contract for a company called Spear Films. He no longer wishes to raise funds for the film and has handed the property over to me. It's been an uphill battle since mid 2004, meeting with hundreds of investors, companies and actors.

      Amy Smart and Oz Perkins were attached to star and signed letters of intent, but the investors renigged on their promise to produce the film. They ended up cutting the budget in half and did a horror film called Dark Games, with Danny Trejo and Martin Kove.

      Right now, TUMP is simply a screenplay looking for a fresh start and a new chance at life.


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        I've attached the script if you wanna take a peak.
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