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This isn't just a movie about time travel.. Watching it CREATES TIME TRAVEL

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  • This isn't just a movie about time travel.. Watching it CREATES TIME TRAVEL

    Yes, you read this title correctly- This film will not only be a film but a Time Machine as well.

    Based off of a true story

    In the beginning Adam (a young man who has faced a hard childhood in Oklahoma) Graduates high school and heads off to college a few months early. He starts getting involved in the rave club/dubstep Scene where he does lots of drugs and has a great time until he wakes up in a Rehab Facility after a bad acid trip.

    He decides to leave although he has learned the treatment was pre paid and his family will not receive the money back if he decides not to complete the program- He also learns his family will refuse contact with him until he can remain sober.

    Once he leaves he hitches a ride with a strange character named Ricky (A traveling geologist who claims to be a family member of the Grateful Dead) Ricky gifts Adam with DMT- Dimethyltryptamine (The most powerful/ rarest/naturally formed with-in the human body—hallucinogenic)
    As soon as Adam experiments with it he has an out of body experience where he learns the equation to time travel-

    E=MC2 <<This means the we can break everything down into subatomic particles

    Everything = mass= energy (includes time)
    The subatomic particles of time are called worm holes

    The theory of time “machines” comes from PHYSICALLY stretching these worm holes to create a tunnel we can walk through to enter another dimension of time.

    Time is a figment of the imagination – so that won’t work
    We must use the power of our hearts and minds together in order to move mountains or worm holes

    He comes out of his trip and he learns that all he needs to to is speak to a mass population at the core of peace for focus so that he can go back and change everything that has ever happened to him

    So he sets out on his quest

    But as he starts to explain this to his friends they think he is crazy- so his only hope is to stay with in a rave club called Kamps in Oklahoma City and speak to people tripping out on drugs because they are the only people with open enough minds to listen to him.

    Until one night Lloyd Hemmings a Reggae Dub Artist comes to the club to perform and listens to Adam – Lloyd loves what he has to say so he brings him on tour for his two last finall shows

    During which he cleans him up and gets him off of drugs, teaches him meditation over drugs and mind over matter

    Through the journeys Lloyd brings adam on he meets a man (name yet decided for obvious reasons) Who decides to make Adams dreams come true.

    Backing up a bit

    This all occurs in the year 2012- during which there are obvious signs of the end of the world

    On the day 12/21/2012 there has been a huge dub step music festival planned but ticket sales are sucking because everyone wants to be with there familys on the last day of the world.

    So (name yet decided for obvious reasons) decides to have Adam perform the time travel at the end of the music festival – What better day to do it then the day the world is coming to an end-

    The festival begins as dubstep techno then gradually blends into dubbing for Reggae

    At the end of this the audience is at the core of piece
    Yes both Adams audience and my own
    The movie is called “Am I Adam?”
    Am I Adam?... When the movie world premiers will time travel occur?

    1 of 4 things will happen

    1- It will not work
    2- We will time travel with our unconscious mind
    3- We will dimensionally shift into another dimension of time
    4- We will dimensionally shift through another dimension in
    Space…Ending the world as we know it on the world premier of the movie 12/21/2012.


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    First time for everything, good thinking
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