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Limited Locations, few characters, supernatural horror script

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  • Limited Locations, few characters, supernatural horror script

    I have written a horror script called Louise. The script features four protagonists, very few locations, and could be produced at a low budget.

    Logline: After attending their ten-year high school reunion, two couples break into their old high school building, an abandoned building now used for storage, and encounter the ghost of Louise, a girl who was murdered by her father ten years earlier.

    The four characters (Cal, Vivien, Charity, Casey) are written as complex characters and the main protagonist, Cal, has visions of seeing Louise throughout the story. Ultimately, Cal has been living with feelings of guilt about Louise for years. Toward the end of the script after Louise starts to attack the two couples inside the abandoned high school, Cal reveals that he, Casey, and a few friends all got drunk and raped Louise on graduation night. Cal's wife Vivien and her friend Charity try to convince Cal that Louise's murder was not his fault since her father was a crazed man who took his own life before he could be sentenced for his daughter's murder.

    The final scene of the script then takes place in the old school library after Louise has murdered Casey, Charity, and Vivien. Cal begs Louise to forgive him and tells her that he never murdered her that her abusive and strict father did and that she has no right to kill Cal or his friends. Suddenly the sound of a crying baby is heard coming from the corner of the library. A baby with flesh and blood falling from it crawls out of the corner of the library and makes its way toward Cal. Cal then looks up at Louise and realizes that he and his friends had inadvertently murdered her by letting him rape her and get her pregnant. Cal understands that her father would have never been able to live knowing that his daughter was pregnant from a rape. Cal wearily looks down as Louise and the zombie-like baby then murder him.

    The script develops the four main characters thoroughly as scenes take place before the high school reunion and during the high school reunion. Aside from the first two opening scenes involving Louise killing several of the friends that were with Cal and Casey the night Cal raped Louise and a few scenes afterward where Cal has visions of seeing the ghostly Louise, much of the emphasis is placed on developing the emotions and thoughts of the protagonists. Cal, Vivien, Charity, and Casey reflect about the past a lot and once they enter the abandoned high school, the script becomes a terrifying and disturbing trip not only through the haunted high school but also through the human mind.

    I am still looking to have my first script produced. If you would like me to send the screenplay just message me. Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham