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two hilarious low budget comedy features for sale

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  • two hilarious low budget comedy features for sale


    (Cross between Pineapple Express and any Harold & Kumar)


    After marijuana becomes extinct in all of Canada, two friends find themselves travelling to the US in search of more, making for one hell of an interesting weekend.


    May 10th 2018, Burlington Ontario Canada, and the country is still going through an economic crisis. Running low on solutions, the country’s new Liberal leader decides to try one last thing. Concluding that people were just being lazy due to high marijuana use, the country imposes a nationwide “Zero Tolerance” policy on marijuana growers and users, the largest in the world.

    William Fischer and Mitch Wellemeyer who had been best friends for almost their whole lives, flunked out of University together after only their first year. Living together at Mitch‘s mother‘s house, in debt and jobless at age 20, relying on their parents for money, and having a “slight” addiction to weed, the boys still refused to get their lives on-track.

    Only five months into the dope-ban, every dealer and user in the country were starting to feel the pinch. And after smoking the last of their stash, and having every dealer and user they knew, either in jail or dry, all hope seemed to be lost for both Mitch and Fish. But they then find some luck via text message from an old buddy of theirs claiming he had some kind of connection at the Canada/US border.

    The boys decide to then go and stay at their buddies ski-chalet in the US and hit the bars for the weekend, in search for some marijuana. Believing that a snowboard town would provide them with the right kind of people to find some.

    Having a not-so-successful first evening, the boys decide to attend a Beer & Wine festival that was taking place at the ski lodge the next day. The boys meet some ladies that soon change their luck and help out with their search efforts. The guy’s party with them all night drinking and getting baked. The girl Mitch seduces, Sara, turns out to have a connection and assists him with obtaining the all important marijuana.

    The boys make sure they follow the plan for the border crossing, from their man on the inside, and attempt to execute it. After narrowly pulling it off, the boys continue on home with perhaps more than just their weed supply, but quite possibly a whole new career.

    SITE 69

    (Cross between any American Pie and Superbad)


    After a high school senior makes the mistake of perhaps getting a girl from his school pregnant at the start of a camping trip, he then has an excuse to party extra hard to try and forget all about it. Making it a weekend he would never forget.


    Four high school buddies head off on a camping trip to go party with a huge amount of their high school friends during a long weekend. Running into a little trouble on the way, the boys try to prepare themselves for the events to come. Not entirely sure on just how crazy the campground was going to be, they arrive to the craziest party they had ever seen.

    After only a couple hours of being there, one of the guys run into some even bigger trouble. Getting wasted extremely fast, Will makes the mistake of not wearing a condom during some drunk sex with one of the girls from his school after only two hours of being there. Both not entirely sure with what exactly transpired, they start to think that Will(the guy) may have gotten her pregnant. After that, Amy(the girl) gets worried and heads on home ruining her entire weekend and possibly her whole life. Will of course begins to feel really sacred and guilty, and now has a great excuse to booze even harder for the rest of his trip.

    The first night goes by like a blur, everyone, especially Will, gets blackout drunk and does messed up shit.

    Day two starts out early, with everyone ragging on Will about becoming a father. With nothing else to really do, everyone starts to drinks much earlier than normal, which was perfect for Will to drown his sorrows. Trying to find anything to do to keep his mind off of becoming a dad, Will and his buddies constantly search for or stir up trouble; playing drinking games, chopping down whole entire trees, vandalizing a random group of peoples’ site and getting them to switch sites, you know things of that nature.

    Then the final day brings much of the same, once again there’s more early partying for everyone. Then the guys start to play some football, and Gunther (one of the guys), destroys a big scary guys tent, and almost gets his ass kicked. After diffusing that situation with drinking games, the boys get bored again and find themselves smashing bottles creating a huge mess, which then they have to clean up or they‘d be kicked out of the campground. Constantly harassing Will throughout the day, they drive Will to keep on drinking, and trouble continues to find them all.

    Leaving the campground for home with tons of stories and battle wounds, mainly bad ones, Will’s drunkenness wear’s off and reality starts to kick back in.

    Then back at school, Will faces Amy for the first time since the incident during the past weekend. Having a discrete conversation with her, she lets him know that he was off the hook. And after thanking God, Will vows to never have a sex without a condom again.

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    both of those sound like something id watch


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      thanks man, hopefully someone will like them enough to buy them from me you know.


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        yea that would help


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          Just keep interacting here, you never know what that guy is coming that is looking for comedies

          I personally am in the horror/suspense genre for now.

          But it you think these can be the next "Napoleon Dynamite" that can be done for about $500K then stick with it, someone will buy.
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            thats true Nick, and hey, if theres anyone you know who might be interested in any of these two script ideas, send them their way if you can k. lol


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              hey everyone, if you have the time, take a peek at these film ideas and let me know what you guys think.