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  • Low Budget Crime Comedy

    Title: Quick One

    Length: 60 pages

    Logline: When a depressed accountant encounters a heroin dealer, their night together becomes memorable when their attempt to sell a large stash behind a ruthless mob boss' back is met with consequence.

    Synopsis: Stuck in a stalled career and with little to come home to, Eric is in need of something new.

    On a regular night, Eric's routine is interrupted by Sebastian, a drug dealer with blood on his hands and street smarts. Carrying a backpack and desperate to use the phone, Eric lets Sebastian in. But out of view, Eric inspects his bag to finds bags of heroin. With a gun pointed at Sebastian, Eric gives him an ultimatum: let him in on the deal, or go straight to prison.

    The two set off on a mission: to find a buyer. Sebastian informs Eric he can't go back to those he trusted because they put a hit on him.

    Meanwhile Bernie, Sebastian's boss, becomes both impatient with his cronies. Their failure to kill Sebastian prompts him to take matters into his own hands. Knowing his men will take care of other problems, Bernie sets off to find Sebastian and reclaim his drugs.

    Thrown into the mix are gang bangers, doctors, policemen, a deli owner and plenty of inexperienced criminals, paving the way for a night of unpredictable extravagance.

    Notes: Takes place in one night and is comparable to works such as "Snatch", "Lock, Stock..." and "Next Day Air". Intertwining stories with cause and effect.