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    As I've mentioned allot now, I am a student of Creative Film & Television. I have recently started to make the sparks of our final major project on the course. My group has assembled a synopsis and would appreciate any feedback or advice from you experienced folk!

    Our film follows a man suffering from retrograde amnesia who has walked away from a hospital bed in attempts to find his way home to a family which may or may not exist. He will use photographs of local landscapes that he finds on his person to regain articles of his memory.

    We would like our film to have a maximum running time of four minutes and would like the story to be told through a narration.

    Our goals are to show the importance of life and life moments and also to avoid creating a cliché student film (guns, dark ending, ect). We would like to create a positive feeling to the film.

    So far, that's all we have. It's an idea that is personally close to my heart and I am determined to film and to film it in a unique manor that makes our film stand out from most amnesia themed films.

    Any sort of comment would be very much appreciated and I'm open to discuss the film further. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks allot!
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    That's a lot to cram into four minutes. But how you plan on making it "different" from other amnesia films, you really didin't say. Do you have script?


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      It is, but in the way that we want to make it come together, I believe it is possible.

      What does a usual amnesia storyline consist of? Usually it is a similar storyline to ours, which is that of the protagonist losing his memory and trying to find out who he is. It's hard to explain how we would like to shoot this, but this is the simplest way of putting it: music, narration, montage of exploring and the conclusion, artistic is the word that I seem to want to use.

      The way that the film is created and the message behind it is what I hope to define the unique factor of our film. Any other way of making our film stand out, we will have to think about, perhaps watch a few amnesia themed films we shall
      "Nobody knows anything"