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For Sale- Thriller Script entitled "Oh, Say, Can You See?"

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  • For Sale- Thriller Script entitled "Oh, Say, Can You See?"

    Dear Development Executive,

    I have just completed a new thriller screenplay titled Oh, Say, Can You See? and would like to know if you'd be interested in seeing a copy.

    Primarily set in contemporary Wisconsin, Oh, Say, Can You See? pits a reporter against ruthless al-Qaida operatives after he photographs the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

    Akbar Chaudry, an American reporter living in Pakistan, has been spending the bulk of the past month keeping a watchful eye on the compound next door. The only person he’s spotted going in and out of the mansion in the middle of the compound is a female courier. One evening, he follows her into an Internet café and catches her emailing videotaped speeches to a jihadist. A group of thugs catches Akbar spying on the courier and chases him out of the café and down the street, firing wildly. They are about to follow him into his residence when they hear the sound of approaching U.S. helicopters and bolt into the compound.

    Akbar obtains a snapshot of the SEALS shooting Osama bin Laden and an unidentified man fleeing the compound at the same time. Akbar is confronted by his landlord, Muhammad Ahmed, who orders him to tell his editor the photo is fake. When Akbar refuses, Ahmed tries to grab his camera and during the ensuing struggle, Akbar kills Ahmed. After rifling through the landlord’s wallet, Akbar discovers that Ahmed funded the 9/11 attacks and is also a member of the Midwest Grocers’ Association. An Internet search suggests that this organization may be a front for a terrorist cell or a safe house.

    On the bus to Madison, an al-Qaida operative named Nouri Hussein tries to murder Akbar. Akbar kills Hussein and discovers that he used to work for Moamar al-Shabib, owner of Isthmus Market and an MGA member. By now, Akbar is convinced that his ex-landlord’s brother, Abbas Ahmed, fled the compound the night bin Laden was shot. Akbar quits his job and becomes a cashier at Isthmus Market. He and a bagger named Sheldon sneak into al-Shabib’s office during a fire.

    They find out that cameras are recording customers entering the PIN numbers for their debit cards. Akbar suspects that al-Shabib is stealing from customers to finance a terrorist plot. After al-Shabib discovers that Akbar and Sheldon were in his office, he has them abducted and taken to MGA headquarters, a safe house for Abbas Ahmed and two other bin Laden associates. Akbar’s suspicions about the PINs are confirmed.

    The terrorists force Akbar and Sheldon to take part in a plot to assassinate the President at a local stadium after he sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame“. Sheldon pays a batter to knock out the terrorist who is guarding them with a foul ball. Enroute to the front gate, Akbar and Sheldon encounter two Secret Service agents, who try to detain them. Akbar leads them to Abbas, who tries to have Akbar’s mother shot, but is killed by the bombs that would have blown up the President.

    The script will appeal to sophisticated thriller fans and anyone who has yearned for pictorial evidence of bin Laden’s demise. I have a BA in English literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am the author of two novels, one of which was selected by Allbooks Review as their Mystery Feature of the Month for May 2010. Oh, Say, Can You See? is my fourth feature-length script. The complete 89.5-page manuscript is available upon request.

    I thank you for your consideration and look forward to your reply.

    Greg Przywara
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