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For Sale- Sci-Fi Script entitled "Bullhead"

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  • For Sale- Sci-Fi Script entitled "Bullhead"

    Dear Development Executive:

    Please allow me to introduce my sci-fi screenplay entitled Bullhead.

    A criminology student searching for the truth behind Dillinger's demise encounters an evil clone of the notorious gangster and a mutant fish in the North Woods of Wisconsin.

    In 1932, a UFO from the planet Elcas-1440 lands in northern Wisconsin, turning the sleepy tourist town of Blutkohle Lake into a breeding ground of walking incubators led by Dillinger's clone. Seventy-nine years later, the airwaves are filled with news of President Bennett’s mysterious disappearance while on a fishing trip near Blutkohle Lake. Criminology student Seth Holtz ventures into this haven of unspeakable evil in search of rare film footage of the Elcasians. Unfortunately, he and his friends Melanie and Devon learn the hard way that some legends are meant to stay submerged beneath the dark waters of ignorance.

    While Seth listens to a chilling account from his great-uncle of the Dillinger clone’s takeover of the town, Devon and Melanie have their first run-in with the aliens’ ungodly creation: a bullhead the size of a sperm whale. Embedded in the creature's intestines is a device that transports its victims to the alien craft to be cloned. The creature spares them but leaves Melanie with the “sign of the Jonah”, designating her as a future incubator. Finding all means of escape blocked by the Dillinger clone’s army, they wind up at a run-down cabin that once belonged to Seth’s bootlegger great-grandfather.

    Devon has another encounter with the bullhead in a grisly late night attack that leaves him severely wounded. In order to pay his hospital bills, his friends attempt to search for a cash-filled strongbox at the bottom of the lake. Their efforts are quickly thwarted by the Dillinger clone’s forces. They find themselves condemned to spend the rest of their lives as breeders for an invading alien army unless they can find a way to destroy the evil inside the bullhead.

    Bullhead is inspired by my great-grandmother's vivid tales of growing up in northern Wisconsin during the Depression, when the Dillinger gang and other infamous criminals often hid out in that part of the state. I have a BA in English literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The complete 102.5-page script is available upon request. I thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply.


    Greg Przywara
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