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  • five screenplays for sale. . .

    By way of introduction, three of my short screenplays have been made into films:
    JetAddiction’s Steve Fagan ambitiously made “Dictators on a Plane” from my short screenplay “Freefall to Umtibi,” an action/black comedy about the "downfall" of an African dictator.
    Devilliers Van Zyl of Ubuntu Films produced my short script “Search,” a character study of a teen prostitute and an older gentleman who befriends her.
    I wrote and directed “The Decision,” an anti-war story, on my own.
    “The Girls from Ipanema” is in pre-production with Lorne Kraft of Pixelhouse Films.
    The five aforementioned scripts consist of a "terrorism trilogy," a vampire flick and a period family comedy loosely based (very loosely) on the Arthurian legends. All are high concept.
    My terrorism trilogy consists of:
    1. "Scourge" A small, oil rich, Middle Eastern nation attacks America preemptively in answer to a War President's threats.
    2. "Six-Sixty-Six" The Philosopher, a cunning Muslim adversary, blackmails the West into mothballing its nuclear capabilities by attacking its nuclear plants in a previously untried manner.
    3. "The Philosopher" The Philosopher, an Arab James Bond, attacks the Bruckheimer Governance, an evil consortium of arms dealers, royalty, ex-politicos, and pharmaceutical companies, whose aim is to profit through the proceeds of perpetual war.
    The next two are:
    4. "Arthur Pen" Bullies chase young Arthur Pen through a time warp where Merlin the Magician tells the skeptical boy he shall become King Arthur Pendragon of Round Table fame. He learns from his adventures in the past how to handle his tormentors in the present.

    5. "Hors d'Oeuvres to the Gods" Unable to convince his parents or the authorities vampires have commandeered the local funeral parlor, thirteen-year-old John Sykes decides to destroy the interlopers and end the mounting body count.

    All of the above are for sale or option. Interested parties should contact me to view the synopses or to request to see the screenplays.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.
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