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MMA Underworld-action/comedy for option/sale

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  • MMA Underworld-action/comedy for option/sale

    This screenplay deals with the fastest growing sport in the world- M.M.A. (mixed martial arts)in a very unique way by taking the fight into hell's arena with real M.M.A. action.It has a unique sense of humor unseen in any martial arts script ever before!

    I believe this could be a big success at the box office!

    It's the humor of Army of the Dead , and the action of the Ultimate Fighter!!!

    Title: M.M.A. Underworld formally titled: Soul Fighter

    M.M.A. is big in Hell with lots of fans following the sport, Lucius has beaten the best in Hell, now he wants to take on the best of the living.

    Some where between Earth and Hell is a hot smoked filled arena where fighters who have trapped loved ones may come and challenge for their freedom. But, with one stipulation, that is if they loose the fight, they too are eternally damned to stay there forever.
    It is a very hot night in the arena as the screaming fans from hell await the next challenger. Many of the fans still bear their injuries from their previous life. One fan has trouble keeping his eye where it belongs as he awaits Bob Martinís entrance to the cage. As the strong Bob Martin approaches the cage his many fans yell out words of encouragement. He looks one more time at his mother's trapped soul before entering the cage.
    Hellís chosen fighter is none other than, the son of Satan; Lucius. He makes his way to the cage to give the crowd what they want to see. A huge fan of M.M.A. Lucius has been training for several years now and has never been defeated in Hell. Reaper the messenger of death is the referee for the event. Two former famous earthly commentators Ray and Lewis, now work for Hell as they bring the play by play with the color commentary.
    Once Reaper starts the fight Bob Martin comes out swinging and takes Lucius to the mat, but Lucius manages to get back to his feet where he hits Bob with a hard kick to the leg breaking it. Within a minute Lucius has beaten Bob Martin to death and retained Bobís soul. Reaper then turns to Terek during Terekís dream, and calls him to the cage.
    Terek awakes from the wild and crazy dream tossing and turning in a cold sweat, his movement startles his girlfriend Patty waking her up. After a brief conversation he returns to sleep.
    Terek a current M.M.A. champion enters the gym that he and his father share. Richard, his father is working their M.M.A. fight team- (Team Revolution) very hard to get them ready for their up coming fights. Mr. Smith a manager who works for hell to recruit new talent enters the gym behind Terek. He offers to manage Terek, but Terek refuses, then asks him to leave. While there Mr. Smith makes eye contact with Mike and knows he can get to Terek by using Mike.
    Mr. Smithís offers to make Mike a champion, but Mike refuses until he hits a three fight losing streak. With the help of Mr. Smith and the powers of hell he becomes champion only to turn his back and his friends and teammates. After receiving the championship belt Mr. Smith along with several large demons take Mike out the back door to serve forever on hellís M.M.A. fight team-(Team Torture).
    Terek has trouble concentrated during his titled defense because he has been made aware of Lewis and Ray commentating at cage side. During his fight Ray and Lewis also have a guest commentator, none other than, Lucius the son of Satan. Ray and Lewisís wit steal the show. Terek finally gets his head together in the later rounds and submits his opponent. Lucius is so impressed with the technique that Terek used that he tells Ray and Lewis he is going to hell right away to try that move a thousand times. Mean while back in hell at his training center several of his human dummies are disheartened over his comment, knowing he will use it on them.
    Terek and the rest of the fight team see Mr. Smith leave with Mike and they follow them to a small bar outside of town. When they enter the bar they are met by several demons and the undead. They prepare to fight their way out until they realize that everyone in the bar are fans of theirs. Mr. Smith re-enters the bar from a back door and orders the demons to attack team Revolution. Lucius quickly appears and makes the team a deal to get Mike back. Their team against his team Torture for Mikeís soul.
    The team is reluctant at first until Lucius uses mind games against them and tricks them into agreeing to fight. After 3 weeks of training they return for a show down. When Mike deliberately looses in the first match Lucius accuses him of cheating and takes his soul and puts him in the arena stands to watch the rest of the fights. Satan, who is always looking for an opportunity to get more souls, enters the cage with a new deal for the team. Terek against Lucius winner take all. Luciusís wins Terek and his father must stay in Hell along with Mike and train hellís team torture for all time. But if Terek wins he frees Mike soul along with everyone in the arena, Terek accepts.
    Lewis who has always had a gambling problem bets with Satan against Terek for his and Rayís soul. The fight goes back and forth several times. At one point Lucius is just about to finish Terek when Terek gets his second wind and goes back and submits Lucius, forcing him to tap-out. The souls of everyone in the audience begin to disappear as an angry Satan leaves in embarrassment at his teams loss. Mike thanks Terek for never giving up on him. Lucius becomes Terekís biggest fan, and Terek makes a deal with God to return every time there is a challenge fight to represent those challenging for their family members souls.