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    Hi, My name is Tori Piskin and I've recently completed my first screenplay, Kuirky. It's based upon my own personal experiences of going to a specialized school for students with learning disabilities. I'm really passionate about my script and not really sure where to go from here. I know I could enter it into festivals, or sell it to a production company. I was wondeirng if maybe someone could give me guidances. Looking forward to hearing feedback. Down below is the The synopsis:

    Zelda has been a student at the prestigious Chapwick School since her first attempt to read…backwards. Know as the Harvard for Learning Disabilities, Chapwick has a unique group of students that roam the halls. Zelda try’s to stay away from the Chapwick drama, but when the leader of the “its” crowd starts spreading rumors, Zelda decides it is time to take a stand. Zelda wants to be more than just the girl with Dyslexia and a kooky family, she wants to be an average hormonal teenager.

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    Hey Tori, how many pages is your script? What genre would you say it is?
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      Hey what's up Tori! :) Actually I really like that synopsis! It sounds like an honest story, and I really dig that you're writing something you're passionate about. It definitely sounds like something I would watch on a screen for sure :P


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        sounds like an awesome script...but i have no idea how to get something made other than doing it yourself, the only advice i can give you is make the first 20 mins of it (if its a feature film) then try to kickstarter the rest of the movie or indie gogo great ways for indie writers and film makers to produce there movies. start a youtube channel and put it on there post it on ever forum in the world post it on ever sub reddit ADVERTISE THE HELL OUT OF IT this is the only way i know how to do it but there are real ways like selling your script shoping it to production companys and all that but i know that thousands if not millions of scripts are moving around major and smaller production companys all over america not even including the rest of the world.

        gl though and i hope to see it soon