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Has anyone heard of Mchugh-Media Script Management ???

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  • Has anyone heard of Mchugh-Media Script Management ???

    They contacted me about helping me sell my script. I wasnt able to find anything about them anywhere on the internet only their website..has anyone heard of them?

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    I have never heard of them


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      I have also been in contact with Lucas and we exchanged information about one of my scripts which he indicated he wanted to represent. I asked for his standard representation agreement and he did not have one at the time and indicated he would have his attorney draft one to make the relationship legal. That was a week ago and I have not yet heard back about the agreement. I also found only his web site and a google and Bing search did not turn up anything. I also do not find him in IDBM. However, I am aware there can be well connected people who come from the finance side and are never very public, so I cannot determine how connected he is or who he knows.
      Shawn Rohrbach MFA


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        Thanks for your reply! I also asked him for a contract which he couldn't provide and he told me his lawyer would draft one up for me. I didn't hear from him for about a week until today he said he was out of town and the contract wasn't ready yet. I not really sure what to think at this point!


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          Sounds like a scam I'd stay faaaaaaar away !!!


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            Yea at this point I do think it is a Scam. I am going to report him to the Site!


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              McHugh Media

              Like you I was contacted by someone named Lucas Carroll from Mchugh Script Management; and like you my experience so far has been somewhat baffling.
              While I don't think this company is in any way a scam - they've never asked for any money at all - I do have my doubts as to exactly how professional or connected Lucas really is. Responses to queries are extremely slow and the website itself is haphazardly and sloppily constructed.
              The only good thing thus far is that (again like you) there has been nary a contract in sight - believe me there are few things worse than having a good script tied to an incompetent 'agent'.
              Lucas may yet surprise me but I'm not holding my breath.


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                Their legit, its not a scam, you only sign a contract when there is a sale or option regarding you're short script or full feature. Then the lawyer will get involved.

                Lucas Carroll Options “Lemonade Stand”
                May 21, 2013
                Lucas Carroll has optioned the short script “Lemonade Stand” from Michael Bret Hood after finding it on InkTip. Lucas Carroll is the owner of a script managing site, This is the first option for Michael.

                Lucas Carroll can not be used on IMDB because its being used already by an actor so may be under a different name on that site.


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                  McHugh Media update

                  I honestly have no idea what the hell is up with this company (I suspect it's actually more like one person). Lucas Carroll contacted me regarding a short script of mine he'd found on InkTip; he wanted to rep it...fair enough, and at first I had no reason to suspect that McHugh-Media was anything but what it represented itself to be. Then...

                  ...a few little things started to add up to a very troubling feeling:

                  1. I requested some history and background from Lucas, just to make sure he knew what he was doing. His reply was slow and vague.

                  2. There is no telephone contact number available.

                  3. Requests for updates on the several (by now) scripts he claimed to be representing for me went unanswered.

                  4. At worst he's a scam artist. At best he's an asshat who lists scripts on a website and hopes that Hollywood will somehow come knocking.

                  Either way I'd had enough and asked him to remove my scripts from his site...still waiting weeks later for either a response from him or for my scripts to be removed.

                  My advice to anyone who is contacted by this idiot is very simple: delete his email.