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Ok guys, looking for a 7-10 page short

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  • Ok guys, looking for a 7-10 page short

    Hey guys, my whole career ive been doing feature films, am in the middle of getting my 5th distributed and in the mean time I thought it would be neat to produce a short that someone submits. The main reason is to pass time and test out some talent Ive been finding on here.

    Genre: any

    If I produce it you will get a written by credit on imdb

    If you feel like you have a million dollar 7 page script then please dont post the PDF or send me a copy. This is meant to be a fun one.

    Nick Soares
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    Just joined. First post...


    I've got a short, a couple music video scripts, a couple of features, including a creature feature (saw your older post) and a war movie, which was optioned last year.

    You can read about them here.

    Contact info is attached to the write-ups.

    Thanks for your attention!

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    The Sabot Fighter
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      Shorts ...But it's Winter?!

      Hey Nick,

      Here are six of my shorts (I have about 20, mostly comedic)


      December 28th - When a teen brings his girlfriend home to meet his family and celebrate Christmas, the question "Why on Decmeber 28th?" is quickly answered...

      Immaculate Deception - Joseph finds his virginal wife in possession of a home pregnancy test...but they haven't "sullied the haystack" yet...

      Adam and Eve-il - Eve befriends her new serpentine neighbor, who has a tasty surprise for her.

      The Lincoln Boardroom - With sales down, the boss brings a motivational speaker to the office, who has quite a storied resume.

      The Set Up - A couple has dinner with two friends in order to set them up, but who actually is being "set up" soon becomes unclear.


      Invite Only - A mysterious stranger appears at a girl's hotel room...with an enticing proposition.


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        7 page short script

        ‘583’ is a spoof done in 1950’s instructional film style.

        Logline: A couple fight to save their home after violating local ordinance 583 ‘Lawns must be mowed every 2 weeks’, even when buried under snow in December.

        Local ordinance 583 states: “Lawns must be mowed every 2 weeks.” A suburban couple’s only crime is not mowing their lawn (buried under snow) in December. The story follows their travails trying to save their home from being demolished by a monster we created: Government!

        Recent winner of the Scriptsation Screenwritng Competition short division, and finalist in other competitions. I'm looking to see it produced.


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          Hi Nick,

          I have a short thriller that takes place almost entirely in a Catholic confessional. Give me a shout out at my email l_fabry[at] if you want to check it out.



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            A young woman leaves way more at the self-storage facility than just some excess baggage.

            Of The Forest
            Karen Parker has just arrived in town with high hopes and a car full of all her belongings. Romanian immigrant Lina’s self-storage facility seems to be the answer. Before the day is over Karen will unfortunately learn the meaning of “One man’s junk is another man’s (or woman’s as the case may be) treasure”.

            7 pages/3 Characters/2 locations (in same building)/no FX's


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              A Fighter's Inner Voice-sports/drama

              Title: Fighter's inner Voice-action/ drama
              Logline: Despite being in the middle of a Championship fight Jessie's greatest battle is with his inner voice.

              Synopsis: Jessie missed fighting for the title 1 year earlier due to a broken hand, now he gets another shot at the title. His marriage has been on the rocks lately and he suspects his wife is cheating on him. Even her attitude has changed. His inter voice is telling him it's over, but he still believes there's a chance to save it, that is until the man she is cheating on him with is sitting beside her at his fight. Unable to concentrate, he is knocked to the canvas 2 times in the first round. Angela, his wife then leaves with his former best friend Mickey as he is being knocked to the canvas yet again. Con-flicked, and wanting to give up his inter voice pushes him to continue out of anger toward his wife. He perseveres and even wins the fight. He wife goes to the dressing room after the fight to talk. Jessie's inter voice is convinced she is a lying and a cheat. She explains to Jessie how the Mob had gotten to her and wanted her to convince Jessie to through the fight by using something her father did to control her. She asks for forgiveness and another chance to make their marriage work, the inter voice said; no, but his heart said; yes.


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                Short script.

                Hi Nick,

                Here's a logline for a 7 page short I wrote titled: The End Date. It's a weird mix of horror and romantic drama.

                A first date...during the end of the world.

                If you have any interest let me know.



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                  Checking them out
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                    Short Script

                    Hello Nick,

                    I have a completed short I'd like to send your way.

                    The story involves a cast of eight with two locations: one interior, one exterior. The premise follows an AA counselor in a meeting with a new group. The back-and-forth banter allows a second perspective on alcohol dependency.

                    As with all my scripts it is in PDF.



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                      I've written the following drama SHORT FILM SCRIPTS:

                      THE DANCE: loosely based on the work of Raymond Carver. A young married couple learn about love and commitment when they stumble upon an elderly man's yard sale. (10 minutes)

                      SHARKS: A young man learns about betrayal and friendship when he must decide whether or not to cheat with his best friend's girlfriend. (10 minutes)

                      THE MISSING: A psychological exploration of a broken father who searches for his missing child every night.


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                        9 shorts

                        Hi Nick,
                        I have 9 shorts here:


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                          Instant Banter

                          A shy guy seeks to create the blueprint for the perfect conversation with the perfect woman.
                          Attached Files
                          Need dialogue?
                          You need Copper Smith:


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                            Just got back from a location scout and am a bit behind, but I will catch up soon on the last 3 scripts,

                            Just to let you guys know it is 100 times easier to keep track of the scripts of you host them here. If you do not have permission to attach files in PM let me know and a moderator will adjust your account.
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