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Drama (with slight comedy for sale)

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  • Drama (with slight comedy for sale)

    HI everyone

    I just came to this forum via/via and i have bene writing stories/articles for a long time.

    I have a few ideas (and worked out stories) for the following categories:



    A gambling addict who always was a good poker player but threw his winnings at the roulette and crap tables is transformed when meeting the woman of his dreams. He enters the World Championships of Poker with the help from an investor and his new girlfriend. Carnage ensues when the underdog wins the tournament and $5 million for his efforts. Girlfriend wants half, investors wants half and a few casino bosses want half.

    the story is mainly played out in one room (the poker room) with a few parts played in a livingroom area.

    There are some funny lines and witty comments, but mainly its a tense drama where everything can be decided by the draw of one card.

    I am looking to hear what a worked out story like this is worth and how things work in this industry in regards to credits etc.