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Facial Expressions in Words. Great for Script Writing.

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  • Facial Expressions in Words. Great for Script Writing.

    I came across this list of words that I use when putting together a script. It depicts facial expressions.

    When script writing, don't let your lack of words for mood or expressions become repetitive. Keep it fresh so your reader doesn't lose interest.

    1. Absent: preoccupied
    2. Agonized: as if in pain or tormented
    3. Alluring: attractive, in the sense of arousing desire
    4. Appealing: attractive, in the sense of encouraging goodwill and/or interest
    5. Beatific: see blissful
    6. Bilious: ill-natured
    7. Black: angry or sad, or see hostile
    8. Bleak: see grim and hopeless
    9. Blinking: surprise, or lack of concern
    10. Blissful: showing a state of happiness or divine contentment
    11. Blithe: carefree, lighthearted, or heedlessly indifferent
    12. Brooding: see anxious and gloomy
    13. Bug eyed: frightened or surprised
    14. Chagrined: humiliated or disappointed
    15. Cheeky: cocky, insolent
    16. Cheerless: sad
    17. Choleric: hot-tempered, irate
    18. Coy: flirtily playful, or evasive
    19. Crestfallen: see despondent
    20. Darkly: with depressed or malevolent feelings
    21. Deadpan: expressionless, to conceal emotion or heighten humor
    22. Dejected: see despondent
    23. Derisive: see sardonic
    24. Despondent: depressed or discouraged
    25. Doleful: sad or afflicted
    26. Dour: stern or obstinate; see also despondent
    27. Downcast: see despondent
    28. Dreamy: distracted by daydreaming or fantasizing
    29. Ecstatic: delighted or entranced
    30. Etched: see fixed
    31. Faint: cowardly, weak, or barely perceptible
    32. Fixed: concentrated or immobile
    33. Furtive: stealthy
    34. Gazing: staring intently
    35. Glancing: staring briefly as if curious but evasive
    36. Glaring: see hostile
    37. Glazed: expressionless due to fatigue or confusion
    38. Gloomy: see despondent and sullen
    39. Glowering: annoyed or angry
    40. Glowing: see radiant
    41. Grim: see despondent; also, fatalistic or pessimistic
    42. Grave: serious, expressing emotion due to loss or sadness
    43. Haunted: frightened, worried, or guilty
    44. Hopeless: depressed by a lack of encouragement or optimism
    45. Hostile: aggressively angry, intimidating, or resistant
    46. Hunted: tense as if worried about pursuit
    47. Impassive: see deadpan
    48. Inscrutable: mysterious, unreadable
    49. Jeering: insulting or mocking
    50. Languid: lazy or weak
    51. Leering: see meaningful; also, sexually suggestive
    52. Meaningful: to convey an implicit connotation or shared secret
    53. Mild: easygoing
    54. Mischievous: annoyingly or maliciously playful
    55. Moody: see sullen
    56. Pained: affected with discomfort or pain
    57. Pallid: see wan
    58. Peering: with curiosity or suspicion
    59. Peeved: annoyed
    60. Petulant: see cheeky and peeved
    61. Pitying: sympathetic
    62. Pleading: seeking apology or assistance
    63. Pouting: see sullen
    64. Quizzical: questioning or confused
    65. Radiant: bright, happy
    66. Roguish: see mischievous
    67. Sanguine: bloodthirsty, confident
    68. Sardonic: mocking
    69. Scornful: contemptuous or mocking
    70. Scowling: displeased or threatening
    71. Searching: curious or suspicious
    72. Set: see fixed
    73. Shamefaced: ashamed or bashful
    74. Slack-jawed: dumbfounded or surprised
    75. Sly: cunning; see also furtive and mischievous
    76. Snarling: surly
    77. Sneering: see scornful
    78. Somber: see grave
    79. Sour: unpleasant
    80. Stolid: inexpressive
    81. Straight-faced: see deadpan
    82. Sulky: see sullen
    83. Sullen: resentful
    84. Taunting: see jeering
    85. Taut: high-strung
    86. Tense: see taut
    87. Tight: see pained and taut
    88. Unblinking: see fixed
    89. Vacant: blank or stupid looking
    90. Veiled: see inscrutable
    91. Wan: pale, sickly; see also faint
    92. Wary: cautious or cunning
    93. Wide eyed: frightened or surprised
    94. Wild eyed: excited, frightened, or stressful
    95. Wistful: yearning or sadly thoughtful
    96. Withering: devastating; see also wrathful
    97. Woeful: full of grief or lamentation
    98. Wolfish: see leering and mischievous
    99. Wrathful: indignant or vengeful
    100. Wry: twisted or crooked to express cleverness or a dark or ironic feeling

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    Haha, ROBOT your cute. Don't you know your system cannot touch PRO members :)

    Just ignore him Director
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      Good find Director. So it is neccesary to write out these words instead of writing out what they mean? Or I should say it is better to do that?


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        I think it depends on what emotion you're trying to convey. They are just alternative words you can use. So instead of saying "John looks unhappy" you could say "John looks dejected", "John looks grim", "John looks woeful"

        Just helps to keep the reading fresh.


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          When I write, I always have a browser open to

          I have their Thesaurus open on my desktop, so when I need an alternate word, I can find just the right one quickly.

          Never fails to sharpen up my prose and my dialogue. Makes me a better writer, too...for next time.

          I have --and have used --2 large hard-copy books in the past, but the web is more convenient.

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