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The Proper Way To Begin a Script

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  • The Proper Way To Begin a Script

    Guess what? There is no proper way to start a script, but I sucked you in with the title, didn't I?

    Many people have trouble starting a script. Many think that you must start a script from the beginning, but that's not true. You may have a great ending in mind, or even something that would be in the middle of a script, and you can start right there. The rest will come later.

    Where ever you start, when you finally get to page one, first scene, just remember to start it off with a bang.

    If you're script is dialogue heavy, make the first line of your first character say something profound, or outrageous, or funny, or horrible, or get the idea. Whatever it is, start it off with a bang.

    Same thing goes for your action, thriller, horror, whatever. Start it off with a bang so you capture peoples attention from the get go. Almost all great movies begin this way.

    And the bang doesn't always mean something that is said, or some action even. You can begin with just a visual image, but make that image cool, or weird, or bizarre, or beautiful, because that too is a bang.

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    Nice little right up! Very cool and hit basically everything spot on. Wise words my friend.


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      I almost always completely change the beginning of a script after it's finished. Generally when I start writing, I just start writing. It's 50% of finishing to just begin, so my beginnings end up being a bunch of throwaway garbage most of the time. Then when the script is done and I know what happens and where everything went, I go back and change the beginning to set up and foreshadow that.


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        Words of wisdom right there! Thanks for the tips! :D
        The newbie.