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    If anyone may be interested: I have three scripts completed for a Horror Webseries: Playing Dead. Also have synopsis for other episodes. Let me know if anyone out there wants to read/review the work: Contact me at: gpetrasmail[at]

    The only thing more important than
    staying alive is...


    A young woman must pretend that she is dead to remain alive.
    Emma Boone wakes up to a world destroyed. She must
    walk amongst the living dead, pretending to be one of
    them, to try to survive as a 'zombie' in order to stay very
    much alive. She walks the burning, wasteland of the
    earth in a dreamlike, deathlike trance, trying to stay
    just one last heartbeat away from the deadly and
    dangerous infectids of this dead, rotting and dying
    landscape. She is trying to remain 'alive' long enough
    to find a mythical sanctuary, a place where people
    are re-born and take their rightful place back amongst
    the living and breathing ranks of humanity. But for now,
    her very survival depends on how well he can pretend to
    be...Playing Dead.

    Script #Four: Emma finds an old friend, but she has been bitten and is slowly turning into a Zombie.
    The young woman wants Emma to stay with her until she changes and then...

    Script #Five: Emma keeps hearing a baby crying as she walkes the empty streets. She searches for
    the child...but all she finds is a--doll...and a Zombie trap.

    Script #Six: Emma, while searching for supplies, becomes trapped inside a grocery store with a very
    nasty and hungry Zombie. It is a game of cat and mouse, up and down the aisles, to see
    who will survive the ordeal.

    Script #Seven: Some ruthless and ugly human zombie hunters invade the town and are killing
    everything and everyone in their path. They begin to track Emma, even after the find out
    she is human and just...Playing Dead.