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Two TV series' for sale - space adventure

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  • Two TV series' for sale - space adventure

    series 1 Now What

    Log line: Cruise the universe on a luxary liner, Cosmic Traveller and have unique experiences.

    Pilot episode: The crew of Cosmic Traveller fight off pirates that are opponents not enemies. Deal with a military that is not to be trusted. They hauling cargo for a group species that makes some crew and family curious. The curious ones go check it out in their own fashion and end up protecting the cargo from the pirates.

    series 2 Space Pirates

    Log line: Chesmu and his merry crew take from the rich and help the needy.

    Pilot episode: Chesmu the commodore of the Goddess attacks their opponents on Cosmic Traveller. They need fly away in hurry because the U.P.R.A. (unlike military) are about to arrive.

    They fly to Willie's Traveller's Center. While they win and finds charmed items. Unknownly the U.P.R.A. is after those items. They find that out in later episode. They do know that the items are special. After another fail attempt to acquire items off the Cosmic Traveller they go to Earth where they have one of their caches.

    I do have a longer pitch that covers quite a bit more. The first episodes like most first episodes is where you meet the main characters and their foes.

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    Characters on Cosmic Traveller

    Captain Felix Coolco - He is Feli. Felis have cat's eyes and nine lives. He is also gay, has partner and raising a nephew. He is owner and captain of the ship.

    Rosemary (Herb) Carter - She is a com officer. She is bisexual, single, ex-con and human.

    Chantilly (Chan) Carter - Herb's sister, who is also bisexual, single, ex-con and Human. She is a pilot.

    Uzumati - He is Bera. Like most Bera's he's bisexual. He had a wife and children but lost them during a siege on his home planet. He is a system control specialist.

    Tooantuh - He is Krims. Krims get warning visions and are hippies of the universe. He is straight, ex-pirate and head of engineering.

    Nari - She is E-Tro. E-Tro's can shout energy from them, usually fingers. She is straight, engineering assistant and hiding from U.P.R.A.

    Fred - He is mixed species, straight, ex-slave and works in engineering.

    Bit Crazy - She is half Cu'Bee and half Human. Cu'bee's have spirit fibers on their head that glow when the communing with spirits. She can't commune in her head so she sounds crazy. She is straight and the head doctor.

    Anaba - She is Ira'Oy. Ira'oy's live a long time and age slowly after puberty. She is straight, ex-military, and head of security.

    Chris Isador Anderson - He is Human, gay and married to Felix. He owns and runs the general store.

    Nate Fredrick Carter - He is Human and straight. He owns and runs a restaurant.

    Breena Carter - She is Kelta. Kelta's look human but are witches. She is married to Nate. They are both on second marriages. She is the teacher.

    Ocee - He is mostly Feli and Felix's nephew. He is good and getting into trouble. He is straight and a senior in school.

    Lorcan Banny - He is Breena's son. He is gay but say bi-sexaul and only 15.

    Mariska Carter - She is Nate's daughter. She has Aspergers, 16, straight, brillant in science and sci-fi topics. She helped her dad and friend kid nap her six years earlier from abusive mother.

    Above are the main characters you meet on Now What.


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      Space pirates characters

      The Goddess is split into three crews Maiden, Mother and Crone with Commodore Chesmu in command of all when together. The ship can become three ships.

      Chesmu - He is Krims, Bisexual but his female love, and is the Robin Hood of the universe.

      Maiden crew

      Orva - She is Bera, captain, bisexual and may have a prescription drug problem. She is also 21 and 13 when during siege on her planet.

      Dayanara - She is Krims and Chesmu lover and second in command of the maiden.

      Fareed - He is Bera, engineer, 18 and bi-sexual. He was 10 during the siege.

      Yo - He is Bera, gunner, 17 and confused about his sexual orientation. He was 9 during the siege.

      Rumi - She is Bera, gunner, 16, and bi-sexual. She was 8 when siege happened.

      Nakia - She is Bera and the youngest on the ship. She is 14 and was six when siege happened. She lost an arm and little brother with one blast.
      She is also a gunner.

      Mother crew

      Chesmu - already done.

      Silvio - He is Feli, engineer, and always finds a fight.

      Akasha - He is Cu'Bee, gunner and medical assistant.

      Blue Moon - She is Wallaw and lesbian. Wallaws do not have vocal cords. She signs to everyone and everyone on the ship knows sign. She is gunner and doctor.

      Laqisha - She is Human, lesbian, gunner and Blue Moon's mate.

      Crone crew

      Lilith - She is Ira'Oy, the captain, mother of Galegina and grandmother of Hohots. She is 450 but looks in her 40's may 50's.

      Tama - She is Krims, gunner, second in command and Hohot's future wife.

      Galegina - He is Ira'Oy, gunner and fighter pilot.

      Onawa - She is Ira'Oy, engineer and Galegina's wife. She is also Hohots mom.

      Hohots - He is Ira'Oy and gunner.

      There are characters that reacurring but that list will be another time.


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        Excerpts of Now What pilot.

        Excerpt #1


        Captain Coolco walks up to the Pontiff, Bit Crazy and the Deteress. Deteress is acting weird. She is smoothing her dress down for no reason. Bit Crazy is giggling quietly and Pontiff is still talking about their rules. Captain Coolco sounding concerned has very serious tone in his voice.

        Bit, Doctor you may leave. I’m

        BIT CRAZY
        Baya lets go. I can play now.

        Deteress looks around to see who Bit Crazy was talking to but doesn’t see anyone. Captain Coolco turns to the Pontiff as Bit Crazy leaves...

        EXCERPT #2

        ... Mariska is speaking several languages, blabbering on. She is also speaking a mile a minute.

        Great. She’s in her own
        world again. Perfect timing!
        Can you maybe come back to reality.
        Just a thought.

        Ocee suddenly puts his hands to his head. A picture of Chesmu pops in his head.

        Ouch, headache.

        She is irritating. Mariska shut
        up before I shut you up.

        Mariska is there anything from
        “Ice Pirates”?

        Mariska suddenly comes back to reality.

        Oh, space herpes.

        The pirate alarm goes off....

        Excerpt #3


        24/7 is a upscale Feli restaurant. It is one of the restaurants on the ship that doesn’t close. Nate, Breena, Felix, Chris, Anaba, Tooan, Uzu and Bit Crazy are sitting at a large table eating appetizers and talking.

        Bit Crazy and Tooan are you
        two up to teaching Ocee in
        advance science?

        Sure, dude.

        BIT CRAZY
        I’ll try. It’s just...

        Bit Crazy’s spirit fibers start glowing. She looks at no one.

        BIT CRAZY
        I know. You’ve told me that
        many times. I’m alive and
        one of your lives is a spirit.

        Bit calm down. People are looking.
        Ocee doesn’t blame you.

        He never has.

        BIT CRAZY
        I’ll try.

        Are we going to discipline
        the six pack?

        Ocee is already being punished.

        The six pack was just curious
        like the rest of us.

        Def. They didn’t take anything.

        I doubt Mariska would let them.

        She is in her own sci-fi world.

        She is a lot better than she
        use to be.

        Def, man.

        They continue to talk, eat and drink.


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          checking these out now
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            Space Pirates excerpts


            Willie’s Den is a hidden room behind a bar. Chesmu, Lilith, Willie and two others are playing cards. Chesmu’s and Lilith’s tracking bracelets are on another table close by. Above the table they are playing cards at is a virtual image of the travellers center. There are sixteen flashing dots. Two are in Willie’s Den. Three are in one of the many bars. Two are in the market place. Three are in the extreme sports room. Three pairs are in three love shacks.

            I see ya and raise ya.

            Willie puts some chips into the middle of the table.

            So who do you think will get into
            trouble first?

            I’d say the three Beras in the
            extreme sports room.

            Lilith quietly puts in her chips.

            I’d say the three in the bar. I

            I’d say the two shoppers. How long?


            Col. Cie-for Repul is pacing and fuming. Hesutu is standing at attention.

            COL. REPUL
            There was nothing on that ship!
            They were believe to be shipping
            some things to Kelta today. It
            had to be those priceless items of
            the past. There was another ship.

            Yes. The Goddess took off as we

            Col REPUL Like always. Where were they going?

            We’re not sure but they could be
            going to Pirate Rock, Hol-I Pilgrim
            Station,or Willie’s Travellers Center.
            There are other possible places but
            those are the three closest.

            Col. REPUL
            This ship will never make it to
            Pirate Rock. I doubt they went
            someplace to pray. Willie’s
            Travellers Center it is. Go,
            change our course.

            Yes, Ma’am.

            Hesutu leaves.


            Rumi is holding the strange wand she found. It is starting to feel comfortable in her hand. She is also doing homework. Well at least trying. There is three different types of music blaring on three sides of her. She is getting frustrated.

            Ahh! I wish the noise would stop
            in this ship for five minutes!

            Silence and darkness.


            Darkness. There is only the glow of the monitors. They are the only things working. Chesmu taps the com as looks out window at the sodarit herd, asteroid monsters.

            Silvio, what’s going on?

            No answer.

            The coms are out.

            Is anything working?

            Just the monitors. The beasts
            are ignoring us.

            We’re drifting.

            What happened?

            No answer. Everyone is just staring at the monitors and praying.

            Oh, I forgot tell you the pilots are registered with WGA.


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              Major powers of the Universe

              There are two major powers in this universe. The United Planet Republic(U.P.R) and the Krims Union(K.U.). They each have a military. They are United Planet Republic Army(U.P.R.A.) and the Krims Union Militia(K.U.M.). The Krims call the U.P.R.A Millie. They do not see themselves as a military.

              The U.P.R. members are Leep’Po and the Hol-I. The are allowed to “recruit” anybody from any species except for the Krims.

              The Krims are the hippies of the universe. They have a large population and there technology rival the U.P.R. Their draw back is the council in control are arrogant. They see chess pieces not people.

              K.U. and U.P.R. mutually control the universe. They don’t like each other but they don’t fire on each other because there would be no winner and there is a treaty between the two.

              There are fourteen space travelling species. They are Se’Lo, Ira’Oy, Krims, Kelta, Hol-I, Leep’Po, Human, Cu’Bee, E-Tro, Bera, Wallaw, Nomo, Feli and Pagan.


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                Creatures and places


                Torno - They look like hand sized rocks but are very poisonous spiders. They are lethal.

                Metal eating worms and bacteria - They eat metal. Scientist think they come from space grasslands.

                Sodorit - They are large, asteroid size beasts that look like asteroids. They eat ships. There is so much metal elements in them that they turn into dirt and rock when they die around a sun but if they die in empty space they fossilize.

                UNIQUE PLACES

                Aquatica is a water planet. It is equally colonized by Krims, Bera, Ira’Oy and Kelta.

                Grasslands are sadorit graveyards. Live sadorit visit. Other space female creatures lay eggs on the live sadorit. The male sprays seaman on the eggs to protect the eggs and protecting the sadorit from radiation and other space dangers until the sadorits dies around a sun them sperm is released to fertilize eggs. Plant seeds also attach to the live sadorit and stays dormant until the sadorit dies around a sun.

                Mother Teresa’s is a sanctuary for thos who need it. It is ran by a Kelta Priestess, a Christian Nun and a Hol-I Deteress.

                Willie’s Travellers Center is a spherical station that orbits a farming planet. The station is the size of a small moon. There are many docking arms that can extend out to docking ships. Inside there is a mall with many shops, many maintenance bays, hotel style rooms, a large sports section, hydroponic bays(hydro-bays) and much, much more. Willie welcomes all to rest and enjoy themselves.

                There are many other places.


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                  treaty and tech

                  K.U. AND U.P.R. TREATY (ABRIDGED)

                  1. If a planet, moon or station are protected by one the other must ask for permission to enter.

                  2. They can recruit from any species.

                  3. No warp travel. Leep’Po can’t physically handle warp travel.

                  4. Only large space liners like Cosmic Traveller can use wormholes. Wormholes must be out of solar systems in dedicated areas.

                  5. Only military can have weapon on exterior of ships. Civilians can not own hand held weapons. Humans are good at breaking this agreement. They and others are good at hiding them.

                  6. K.U.M. and U.P.R.A. will not fire onto each other.


                  Artificial gravity is made by embedding nano-wires and nano-tubes with nickel partical gel inside. They are set in a grid pattern.

                  The magnetic fields are made by embedding nano-wires and tubes with nickel partical gel in lines in the exterior panels of the ship. The field travel from the front to the back then inside the duble layer panels that are insulated. the speed of the field can speed or slow down to help with movement of the ship through space.

                  Large ships have more than one energy source. They may have
                  collectors on the outside of ship to collect electrons and protons from solar wind. The electrons can by used in fuel cell and put together with a protons to make hydrogen. One electron and one proton make hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen from plants makes water.

                  They can also make energy by using a microbial fuel cell in their water treatment center.

                  There are other energy systems that can be used to run and propel ships. I do not know all of them.

                  There is also a lot of weapon tech. There is the L.E.O (Light Electric Output) weapons. They shoot small balls of electric energy.

                  There are the old gun powder weapon. Millie likes using because it is more destructive to being bodies.

                  Shakers are ammunition shoot at ships. They explode before hitting the ship. It makes the ship shake and scares passengers.

                  Weapon satellites are L.E.O. weapons. They are usually 2’X4’X3’ in size. There are usually several together in a grid pattern orbiting a planet, moon or station. It is defensive weapon.

                  The com-watch is a cell phone on a watchband. Cosmic Traveller and Goddess crew wear them. There is an earwig with it. A person can use the earwig, speaker or text. Most people like to text. It is quieter.

                  There are more technology. I just think of them at this time.


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                    Now What episode #2

                    Chris is talking with a couple of his employees. They are getting ready for the day. There are no costumers yet.

                    EMPLOYEE #1
                    Did you see and feel that strange
                    light earlier?

                    Yeah. Ocee is working on some science
                    project with Bit Crazy. They were
                    going to try it before first shift and
                    before most of the guest are up.

                    EMPLOYEE #2
                    What did they do make us glow in
                    the dark?

                    I don’t know. I won’t know until
                    I see them later.

                    EMPLOYEE #1
                    You’re the captain’s better half and
                    he didn’t tell you.

                    I got a text saying ‘Ocee messed
                    up.’ They are dealing with the
                    problem. They will have great
                    story for me later.

                    Chris sees Fred walk pass the store. Chris waves Fred in. Fred comes in.

                    What happened?

                    I don’t know if I should say.

                    We won’t tell the guests.

                    The two employees are interested.

                    He shrunk us.

                    EMPLOYEE #1

                    EMPLOYEE #2
                    How small? Size of mice or what?

                    Dust bunnies.

                    Space Pirates episode 10 excerpt
                    (When writing I visaulize Richard Dean Anderson as Chesmu.)


                    Rumi enters. Chesmu is cuddled up in Dayanara’s pink and purple poncho. Chesmu turns to look at who entered. Rumi walks over to him. He sits up.

                    Am I ugly dumb pregnant whore.

                    No. Your a pretty pirate in a pink
                    and purple poncho.

                    Really. How about the rest that
                    mean old bitch said?

                    Your not dumb you own and run your
                    own ship. You’ve never sold your

                    True. I’m a pretty perfect pirate
                    in a pink and purple poncho.

                    Yeah. I need to get back to the
                    bridge. I need you to focus.
                    Something is causing everyone’s
                    emotions to go to the extreme.

                    I’ll try.

                    Chesmu and Rumi leave.

                    INT. GODDESS - MOTHER - BRIDGE - FIRST SHIFT

                    Rumi and Chesmu enter. They look out the window and see a subspace toll way station still in the distance. Rumi walks over to the pilot station and steers the ship towards the station. They get close enough where Chesmu read the station number.


                    Chesmu turns looks at Rumi.

                    How are you controlling your emotions?

                    Haldis is helping. Why? Where are

                    We’re in the Se’lo’s old home world
                    solar system.

                    This is where people go nuts and
                    kill each other.

                    Why are we?

                    I asked Haldis for help. How are
                    we going get the subspace entrance

                    Chesmu thinks.

                    Onawa’s balls!

                    She has balls?

                    She developed them.

                    Rumi looks confused.

                    To disable ships.

                    Oh. The ship disabling spheres.

                    Yeah. What did you think I was
                    talking about.


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                      There are fourteen space travelling species. They are Se’Lo, Ira’Oy, Krims, Kelta, Hol-I, Leep’Po, Human, Cu’Bee, E-Tro, Bera, Wallaw, Nomo, Feli and Pagan.

                      SE’LO are shape shifters. They don’t mimic other beings or things but change into them down to celluar or molecule level. In their true form they look like thin long silver thread. They trust few humanoid beings. They take shapes of other beings to spy on them. Its not to hurt them but to protect themselves from those who want to wipe them out. They live in a nebula.

                      IRA’OY are long living species. The majority of them are isolationist. They look human. The races are similar to human. The majority is the opposite of U.S.A. majority. White people are the minority while Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander looking people are the majority. There are ancient secrets they keep from other species. They can live up to 800 years. They can stay awake up to 72 hours but go almost into a coma for 6 hours.

                      KRIMS are humanoids. They have a third eye that doesn’t look like an eye buta yin and yang symbol. They get visions of danger. Some have more than danger visions. They don’t separate each other into races. All Krims are Krims. The male Krims can carry a fetus to full term. The woman is the only one who can get pregnant but they can transfer the fetus from female to male.

                      KELTA are humanoids. They have pagan believes that is blended with science. Many are witches. There magic is subtle not like “Harry Potter” magic. They follow “ Do what you will, harm none.”. They do not separate into races. In that way they are like Krims. They respect all believes and cultures.

                      HOL-I are pale vammpire looking humanoids. They believe in one Gad. Only their religion is the true religion. Most do not respect others. The treaty with the K.U. is the only thing controlling them from destroying others.

                      LEEP’PO are humanoids that have facial ridges that look like think veins. By touching a persons head or just looking into the persons eye they can get into the persons mind, read thoughts, mess with memories and cause brain damage. Only the treaty with K.U. is controlling them.

                      HUMAN look in the mirror. Its 2112. A hundred years ago the U.P.R. with Krims part of it returned. They helped humans catch up to the rest of the universe in technology. Earth became a resort planet.

                      CU’BEE are humanoids with spirit fibers on their heads mingled in their hair. They are thin like optic fibers. They glow when communing with spirits.

                      E-TRO are humanoids with green, blue, purple, red, orange or yellow skin. If they have cool colored skin their hair, eyes, and nails(toe, finger) are warm colors. If warm skin color the rest of them are cool. They can shoot electricity out of their skin. If they are sick they become bright if they don’t release the extra energy they can blow up. They become pale when they release to much energy.

                      BERA are humanoids with aurora feelers(thick hairs). They run across one cheek bone over nose across the other cheek bone and on forehead right above brows. They can see energy people,charms and curses put out. Their eyes change color to their moods. Only pregnant women don’t because their eyes are silver. Most are bisexual.

                      WALLAW look human but don’t have vocal chords. Very few stray from their home, Triofolda. They use sign language and sometimes telepathy to communicate with other species.

                      NOMO are humanoids from planet that is 90% water. There to many differences from humans to get into in depth description of them in this over view. There are four races. They are Freshwater, Saltwater, Swamp, and Arctic. They are a technological species but prefer the simple life.

                      FELI are human looking with cat’s eyes. They can see in the dark and see through most illusions except virtual/holographic images.

                      PAGAN look human. Their clothes are Amish looking that sets them out from others. They belive of many deities and their religion is the true religion but deals with others nonviolently. They are kind of snobbish.


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                        Full Universe pitch

                        The full pitch for Universe that Now What and Space Pirates are in.
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