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Feature script for sale. Fast paced low budget Thriller

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  • Feature script for sale. Fast paced low budget Thriller

    My name is Simon Parker. I am a scriptwriter who has written a number of film scripts, both short and feature length. I have just signed my first two year option agreement with 'hideout', and I am looking to get other scripts short and feature length that I have written developed as well. I'm currently working with transmedia storyteller on a project Roof Dwellers.

    Holes in clouds.
    When Aaron’s and Jake's lives cross, they decided to team up to help each other out. Aaron's a small time drug dealer who wants to make much more money than he is. Finding a crime boss who’s willing to lead him the money that he'll need to buy more volume of cocaine, Aaron and Jake stupidly get lost in the money they’re given and only end up partying with the coke that they buy. But now this boss wants his money back much sooner than was agreed, and they'll need to pay back much more than they leant too, and they've only got twenty four hours in which to do it. Panicking and scared Aaron and Jake search back to all those people they partied with over the last couple of months and demand money from them, but when Aaron finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, his own plans change and now he needs to gather enough money to get them out of the city, away from Jake and away from the boss who‘s going to want them dead.

    Email me for more information if interested.