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    Has anyone ever sent a script out with errors that you didn't catch until later? If so how do you bounce back from that? Does it mean your material won't be read again? I've found some errors in my script and I've recently touched up the formatting. It seems that some of the people who read it didn't notice the errors since they said they liked the story and asked for another script. I've recently asked another pair of eyes to read my script but he didn't find any noticeable errors. Is this something I should be worried about long term?

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    Well of course you should be worried, im not sure who you sent the script out to, but that script is your product. And someone companies might see your "typos" or whatever else there is, as an amature move and wont take your seriously from then on. BUT with respects to reality nowdays, if they are only typos then most companies will look past these and focus on the story. They take notes while reading, but not notes like "Ok this guy sucks" or anything. Every fresh script has a type in it. Even the top tier level scripts. So my thoughts are, don't worry about it
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      I highly recommend script readings to avoid noticeable errors. I did a reading a little while ago and discovered I failed to use a question mark about a dozen times. The group reading really helps for stuff like that.


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        I agree, always double check your work
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          I'll tell you, man, typos can be sneaky li'l buggers! I collaborate with a manager to write scripts at the studio level. We'll spend a year or more on a screenplay - half a dozen drafts - both of us reading the same stuff over and over. My wife will also read them.

          Despite all of that, the occasional typo will STILL slip past! It's amazing. Like Nick says, do your best to catch as many as possible, but don't sweat it if one or two get by you. Your potential buyer has far more pressing concerns when s/he considers a spec.
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            A couple typos isn't a big deal....try to avoid them, but a couple will almost always slip thru.

            What drives me crazy are folks who take their punctuation cues from facebook or twitter and don't use the most basic comma in dialogue.

            After all: Shoot John!

            and Shoot, John!

            are two different sentences with totally different meanings. Too many people ignore the basic comma--and it makes the script [or anything else] look sloppy and hard to read.

            My favorite example of this mistake is: Hey, let's eat Grandma! UGH! When it's supposed to be: Hey, let's eat, Grandma!

            The comma, of course, makes the difference between talking ABOUT someone and talking TO someone.

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