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Low-Budget Supernatural Horror Short AVAILABLE

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  • Low-Budget Supernatural Horror Short AVAILABLE

    Right out the gate let me just say that this is not a sudden-noise-makes-you-jump-and-spill-your-popcorn horror script. The intent of this script is not to scare the bejesus out of the audience, but to draw them into the main characters dilemma and glue them to the screen as the situation completely unravels into a horrific finale that makes the audience think, “holy shit, remind me never to do that.” Kind of like FATAL ATTRACTION with supernatural elements.

    Now that that’s understood, the script is called GOTOHELL.COM. Here is the pitch:
    “GOTOHELL.COM is a supernatural horror short about a demonically possessed website that gives bullied and victimized persons the opportunity to summon a demonic spirit to come to earth and drag their tormentor or enemy straight to hell. In this first episode, a young man who is being abused by his mother's drunken boyfriend stumbles onto the mysterious website, and after being convinced that it's legit, must decide whether or not he should use it.”
    The GOTOHELL.COM script is 25 pages long, but probably translates to a 15-20 minute short film. It could easily be built into a web-series in the vein of Tales from the Crypt, where each episode stars a new cast of characters, with only 1 or 2 recurring characters in small roles.

    It’s written to be produced on a low budget: 3 locations (a house, bus stop & elevator/hallway) with 6-8 actors. There are minor special effects written in, but those can be phased out by a creative director.

    If interested please email me at Brandon.RJ.Peyton[at] and I will send you the script.

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    Ahhh let me state this out of the gate, I have been really busy, BUT - I am very interested in this. Let me know how much you are looking for
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      What I'm really looking for is a director or producer who would love to bring this script to life and split the credit, profit and rights with me. As I said, this can easily become an ongoing web-series.

      But if you'd prefer to purchase the script rights outright, I'm cool with the standard 3% of the proposed budget.