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  • looking for new talented director/ scripts

    Hey guys,
    This is my second post on this forum.. Although I have received lot of emails and plots and my co workers are still reviewing the scripts.. We are still in search of crisp and LOW BUDGET hollywood film.. We are looking for extremely talented, young and passionate people. We are mainly interested in crisp thillers.. Something like the disappearance of alice creed.. if you have scripts, plots, ideas for a low budget film. contact me here or at adityabokadia[at]

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    I'm a produced, award winning screenwriter. Please see a list of loglines below.


    Rob Tobin

    (Rom Com) “Bach Rocks,” A rock star is stranded at a classical music conservatory while being taped 24/7 by a reality TV show crew. He falls in love with the school's beautiful dean, who hates his music, his lifestyle and isn't crazy about his supermodel girlfriend either.

    (Fantasy) “Back to the Garden,” Quarter-Finalist, American Screenwriting Competition. An atheistic archeologist discovers the Garden of Eden, revives Adam and then Eve, with whom he falls madly in love, only to discover that the fate of Mankind depends on defeating Satan, reuniting the bickering Adam and Eve, and helping them lead a million naked New Yorkers back to the Garden.

    (Dramedy) “Balls of Different Sizes,” Runner Up, Action on Film Written Word award; Semi-finalist Project Greenlight; Semi-Finalist American Screenwriting Competition. A powerful and touchingly comical dramedy in which a dyslexic teenaged boy with a tough-guy attitude joins a girls’ softball team only to discover that the girls are tougher than he is, that it’s okay to ask for help, and that there is crying in softball.

    (Drama) “Café Freedom,” A wounded Iraq War veteran's terrible childhood secret is slowly revealed as he undergoes psychotherapy as part of his rehabilitation.

    (Dramedy) “Chasing,” A failed writer is forced to face the dreams he thought he’d outrun, and the woman who made him run.

    (Drama, Low Budget) “Face Time,” A beautiful reporter becomes fascinated by a brilliant but grotesquely disfigured man who may have won the biggest lottery in history.

    (Horror, SF, Action) “God Wars: Living with Angels,” An embittered, paraplegic young woman gains magical powers and uses them to battle evil, but instead awakens a demon she can’t resist, an angel she can’t trust, and a race of invincible three-foot tall aliens she has to defeat to save the universe – and her own soul. She has justice in her hands… and she’s pissed!

    (Horror) “Grampire,” A dying old man is given a second chance at “life” when he’s bitten by a vampire.

    (Fantasy) “Hank and the Fairies,” A mentally challenged, small-town man is chosen by fairies to save them from a coldhearted developer who wants to destroy their magical garden.

    (SF Action) “Humalien,” While being hunted by a race of alien assassins, a half-human, half-alien Earth woman is tasked to pick 1,000 humans worth saving from an impending holocaust that will destroy every living being on Earth.

    (Short Drama, approx.. 5 min) “Living the Life,” Two middle-aged women, one a high powered professional, the other joyfully homeless, meet in a dark alley.

    (Romance) “My Italian Cafe,” A widowed American painter searches for a new life on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

    (Urban Fantasy) “The Magic Rain,” A teen wizard from a sword and sorcery world is chased by an evil sorcerer into modern day Montana.

    (Urban Fantasy) “Making Gone,” A woman awakes with the power to make bad things and people disappear, and she doesn’t know where to stop.

    (Short Drama, approx.. 5 min) “Meaningless,” A married man is contemplating a workplace romance… or is he?”

    (Mixed Live Action, Animation) “Just Imagine,” “Roger Rabbit” meets “The Lord of the Rings” in this magical, action-filled story of a reclusive wood carver who must bring his carvings to life to do battle with wacky but deadly demons intent on conquering the world.

    (Fantasy) “Not Another Body Switching Movie,” What happens when two friends switch bodies and don’t switch back… ever?

    (Drama) “Performing Love,” Two estranged daughters of an abusive father meet for his funeral to try to resolve the anger they feel toward him and each other.

    (Rom Com) “Spokes,” "Ghost" meets "Sideways" in this "Sleepless in Sonoma" romantic comedy. A billionaire widower trying to cope with his grief by obsessively riding his exercise bicycle, is invited to compete in the Tour de France.

    (Sports/Fantasy) “Spring Training,” What happens if Babe Ruth shows up for spring training… in 2012?
    (Action, Political Thriller) “The Server,” Winner, Action on Film Written Word award; Quarter-Finalist, American Screenwriting Competition. An extreme sports Gen-X process server who never quite grew up, is framed for murder and must use his Xtreme skills to find the real killer – a terrorist with a nuclear bomb and a ticket to the world’s largest theme park.

    (Dramedy/Suspence, microbudget) “Storefront,” A gunman enters a one-person travel agency and tells the owner to convince the next female client to agree to marry him, or else the gunman will kill them both.

    (Drama) “Sweetheart,” A newly divorced man seeks out the high school sweetheart he has not seen in twenty years and ends up finding her, her husband and the mobster who wants to kill them all.

    (Political Comedy) “Truthies,” Quarter-Finalist, Screenwriting Expo Screenwriting Competition. A political comedy in which the American President is accidentally infected with a virus that forces him to tell the truth--and he’s contagious!


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      Someone Is Here is a thriller that has done quite well in festivals. A logline and festival results are below.Detective Brian Sumner is assigned to Bayview’s first serial killer case. The killer targets women living alone, and Brian has just separated from Annie, his High School sweetheart. Pushed into the media spotlight by the case, his marital trouble becomes public, and Annie becomes convinced she is the killer’s next target.

      (Won the February, 2011 American International Film Festival Feature Screenplay Award, and won the 2011 best script award, Suspense/Thriller, at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival. It won an Honorable Mention at the SkyFest VI Film and Screenplay Festival. Won best thriller screenplay at the 2012 Indie Gathering Film Festival.)

      William B. Keller