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The NEXT super heroine screenplay(s)

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  • The NEXT super heroine screenplay(s)

    Seeking the NEXT great super heroine screenplay(s) with great character and story baseline that can be done with low budget standards.

    We have access to resources to produce the film to make it look like a block buster success.

    Strong emphasis on character and a great story more so. Looking to develop character into comic graphic novels and other promotion opportunities.

    Looking for a strong super heroine character(s) to redefine the genre.
    Established comic book writers encouraged to apply for the opportunity to have your character come to life, produced onto the screen!

    Please contact us with story or synopsis before hand, those selected will be asked to forward your screenplay for review.

    NOTE: There is no pay in advance however if project is picked up by several interested distributors there will be compensation from that.

    Thank you
    Good Luck!

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    I have two different ideas

    the first one is called

    Synopsis of a Clash in the Sky
    Plot: Two teen rival superheroines discover that they are sisters, but not by blood.
    Girls power and all that jazz, yeah that’s would be the local hero but not these girls. Raven and Sparrow are known in the streets as the female team Batman and Robin. Just joshing with you they are not even that lame. Yes they are a team but not the kind that volunteered as one. You see they don’t even get along. In fact one wishes the other to fall off the face of the earth finding her to be too irresponsible of a person. The thing they do have in common is they have a mission. They have a mission, to save the helpless and distressed.

    They became this way from an experiment of success but not by choice. One was dying and needed her plasma replace because her white cells were not working correctly. The boosted replacement gave her enhanced strength. Yet she had to serve the country as a replacement payment. The other Raven volunteered but didn't want a partner because she knows the price of being a hero sometimes means someone has to die. She doesn't think anyone could handle that much less someone younger than her. This is why she'd rather fight the battles alone.

    the other one is called

    NEW TITLE: Night OWL, The Chronicles of Yancy Day

    AUTHOR: Henry Blackshear jr

    LOCATION(s): any city available

    PERIOD: 6 Months

    GENRE: Sci-Fi

    Plot line:

    A high school girl wrestles with her "Night Owl" nature. If she had a choice she would rather be in bed

    New Plot log :

    Nyx Day a 16 year old girl attending High School doesn’t understand who or where she comes from. She has been struggling to find her identity as a normal person. Yet when she falls asleep, she becomes someone powerful with superhuman strength the hero at night is called Night Owl. She understands the rights and wrongs of the city and has sort out to protect it. Her two selves are not conscious of either one, the one of day struggles to understand her tiredness and the one of night seeks out to stop a serial killer, whom may be of her family. Not wanting to connect to her fate may be the cause of the disconnection with her hero side at night. Because she fears what may be, she has formed a split personality.

    Nyx, before waking from her side as Night Owl, encounters dreams of her supposed past. These dreams may be clues as to what happened to her and who links to her future. The only problem is she can only remember parts of the dream when she wakes which adds to the fact that she continues to forget things.

    These episodes leave Nyx waking in places she does not remember going. If not for her best friend Mary, Nyx would be lost. Mary has been following Nyx just about everywhere. Mary enjoys looking after her best friend Nyx because she wants to have what Nyx has. The only power Mary has is a sonic scream which she can aim it’s path.

    As the days come, each awaking of her past, Nyx has to attend school and this is hard because she doesn’t get much sleep. Her grades are slipping and her mother doesn’t really care as much, being she is more like and adoptive than a real daughter of her mother. Nyx wants to find a real parent to love her.

    thank you in advance for reviewing my story

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    my email is henryblackshearjr[at]


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      I'm a produced, award-winning screenwriter with three "super heroine" scripts. The loglines are pasted below. Please note that I'm in discussions with three director/producers about "The Magic Rain" though the script remains available at this moment.


      Rob Tobin

      (Urban Fantasy) “Making Gone,” A woman awakes with the power to make bad things and people disappear, and she doesn’t know where to stop.

      (SF Action) “Humalien,” While being hunted by a race of alien assassins, a half-human, half-alien Earth woman is tasked to pick 1,000 humans worth saving from an impending holocaust that will destroy every living being on Earth.

      (Horror, SF, Action) “God Wars: Living with Angels,” An embittered, paraplegic young woman gains magical powers and uses them to battle evil, but instead awakens a demon she can’t resist, an angel she can’t trust, and a race of invincible three-foot tall aliens she has to defeat to save the universe – and her own soul. She has justice in her hands… and she’s pissed!