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  • Second Opinion Needed

    I've written a feature length screenplay and would like a second opinion, preferably from a producer who might be interested in the concept.

    Title: The Don't Line
    Logline: A group of Canadian researches must combat fear, paranoia and each other when a supposed Soviet invasion takes place.

    If you're familiar with Canadian history, you might know about the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning).. Basically it was a series of bases set in northern Canada that would alert NATO nations if a Soviet invasion took place over the Arctic area.

    Using comedy, elements from John Carpenter's "The Thing" and other works, I've written what I believe is a dark comedic thriller. While comedy is the main focus, the single location and small cast provides a great atmosphere for a build up of fear, mistrust and questions left unanswered.

    For a modest budget (high six, low seven figures) I think this could be produced effectively. Special effects would be needed and I'd like to cast Canadian comedians who understand the culture.

    Message me if interested.


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    Hey Brotha Felix!

    My first thought would be about your title, The Don't Line. Can you explain where you got this, and how it integrates into the movie?

    Thanks Buddy
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      The DEW line/ The don't line: I love cheeky names like this!


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        LCR nailed it. I think it would be a nice play on words, seeing as the men in the script are not exactly methodical.

        One theme of the movie is logic: how problem solving is a logical puzzle. So the title plays wells, in my opinion.