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    My name is Dave Shaw. My brother and I recently started a small production company, Lights, Camera, Reaction Productions, or LCR Productions for short. We specialize in digital film and video production. We are freshly established and working hard on getting the first couple projects into production.
    Basically, my plan is to use the video production (i.e. Music videos, commercials, wedding, etc.) to finance the films I really want to make. My goal is to make films that have vast aesthetic distance. The kind of film that once the end credits roll, you spend the next day or so comparing the characters and story to your own life. The kind of film that changes the way you FEEL. And also some projects that I think would be really fun.
    We are based in the Los Angeles area, specifically the San Fernando Valley, if you know the area.

    What I'm looking for: I need a writing partner who enjoys actually putting words on the page. I have 12 projects at the moment that need to be formatted. My talent is being able to visualize the story. I have pretty much every scene worked out. I have storyboards and beat sheets for almost every project. I need someone who can format the ideas and fine-tune the dialogue. Ideally, I would like to work with someone who has talent, of course, but not necessarily established or published or produced.Non-Union. I want someone who knows they have what it takes but hasn't had the opportunity to shine, yet. Ultimately, I'm looking for someone who doesn't have a problem writing someone else's stories... not that opportunities for having your own material produced aren't there. I don't want it to seem like I just want a robot to write for me. I have the mechanics of the story, I need someone who can do the delicate details.

    What I'm offering: First off, payment will be on a deferred basis. If the project makes money, you make a percentage. What you will get is a full writing credit. The chance to get in with a production company on the ground floor. I plan on making movies you will be proud to have your name attached to. As I produce and direct, having my name attached to the writing is not something that I'm worried about so a FULL writing credit is not a problem.

    Ok, well I don't want to get ahead of myself and ramble on and on. I'm going to leave it at that and see what kind of a response is out there. You can check out the "Filmmaker" topic section of the forum to see my first post about myself and the company. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me here or email me at lcrpictures(at)

    I look forward to hearing from you and am excited at the possibility or working together in the near future. Thanks,

    Dave Shaw

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    I would be interested in talking with you about a writing partnership. You can check out my website and if you like what you see, you can send me a few of your projects to give me an idea what we are talking about. I am not above contract writing(that is, writing relating to product placement and such), but would like to get a good sense of where you would like to go in terms of your aspirations.

    Kevin Coughlin
    Ktico productions
    Ktico Production with Kevin Coughlin, Writer, Actor, Activist, Santa Rosa California


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      I'm interested.


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        Thanks for the informative post, I have just contacted our registered writers
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          Hey, Dave.

          I'm also in "the valley" here in LA. While I'm too busy with video and comics deadlines to help you out with actual writing, I do read a lot of scripts on a consulting basis. If you're very experienced, you won't need me, but if you're kinda new to story film, I'd be glad to read whatever you have and weigh in with crits and ideas. You'd be welcome to any input. On that note, I have short film script of mine that you could read and weigh in on if at all interested.

          I've been kinda on the lookout for local videomakers in the valley and have hooked up with a couple already to trade services, help each other out, etc.

          I have a tiny video company and like you try to use real video jobs to finance my short projects.

          On that note, take down my email address and keep me in mind for crew on any upcoming projects of yours. I'm an NYU film school grad with IMDB creds, so I'm not a newbie and know my way around a bit. I have a mini-studio with cameras, lights, sound equipment, too.

          I've also worked in the comic book field for many years as a graphic designer and writer.

          Get in touch!

          Kurt Hathaway
          VikingDream7 Productions
          Video Production & Editing



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            hi guys, I hope it helps.

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