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Insurance - one recommendation and one question

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  • Insurance - one recommendation and one question

    producers need a broker for insurance and that can be a good thing all considered . There is not much of a "real" competition within insurance providers (if any - the prices do seem to level in a sort of oligopoly manner) but a few brokers out there can make a difference. Some of them keep a log for others to check (the oligopoly temptation runs strong in there as well), But some (a few) may not comply (to the sub-oligopoly of brokers). One thing to check is the availability of certificates (when you need them you can't wait so they must be available "pronto" and if they are not then change the broker (simply put)
    So don't stick with one broker but shop around (and trust me when I tell you that the moment you start shopping they will know immediately and start the process of adjusting things.

    The question I'd like to ask in here is the the cost difference between the rentals own insurance for their stuff and our insurance extended for the rented equipment. oddly it's not easy to find out (and I DID try) . I can't get a clear number.

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    I don't understand the question - the difference between what and what?

    I used Film Emporium for my most recent feature - pricing was good (several years ago so #'s not really relevant) and no problem with certificates.
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      the question was about the rentals and the insurance required: they can provide their own (often with the deductibles to be personally guaranteed by the producer(s)) or you provide yours with them as beneficiary. One thing to be careful is NOT to have both ; one or the other. The thing is that I can't find the cost difference: they are vague to say the least.
      Film Emporium is a great option (listed on variety411 by the bay) but there are more brokers to consider (many more... MANY)