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What kind of lighting gear used in this video?

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  • What kind of lighting gear used in this video?

    Heres the link:

    Just wondering what key light couldve been used for this, Im guessing it's tungsten and relatively powerful?

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    Trying to keep up with the moving cam it looks like if you are facing the talent the there is a 45 degree angle key light with a bounce screen on the left side. Does not seem to be a back light so the key light must be a rather nice size light from what I can tell. Well that is just my 2 cents anyway.


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      and why on Earth you want to know? That's a BAD lighting setup. First class composition framing and progression , terrible lighting. Highlights out of control, reflections so distracting to put a shadow to the excellent filmmaking. The new generation of lighting amateurs comes from stills and don't know the basics of lighting for motion pictures (VERY different animals than stills). Productions use scrims since forever and for a reason.