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  • That Shot's Not Important

    When I shot Us Sinners I had no faith that I could get all the cast and crew to follow as long as they did. I truly thought they'd all jump ship at some point. Because of this I made some pretty bad mistakes, and they show in the final product. Thankfully, there's enough good stuff that most people gloss over the errors.

    One of the things I did was remove shots. I could have shot them, but decided not to. Then when it came time to edit, I sorely missed not shooting them.

    My new Director and Executive Producer had 46 scenes to shoot (many one shots). They only shot 31 out of 46. They obviously thought I'd just take their footage and rewrite the entire script around what they shot.

    The opening of Leading Lady is complex. George Charles in a VO describes the Leading Lady of the film he's looking to cast. While he's describing "My Melissa" we see Nancy Nelson Leading Lady's star. It all makes sense.

    Here's the two openings. Mine was shot using the original actress, who before even a quarter of the film was shot was fired. Then comes the "new" version.

    Shots are important. If you're going to omit some, know they won't be missed.

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    Every film i have produced I have run into this problem, we go out to film for 30 days, then coming down to the last few days and we need a few pickup shots while we have the camera crew, but the camera crew is busy so we "think" we can just do a different day to film the shots and get the talent back in town. - Never Again, it never happens they way you want, GET the footage your thought of right then and there!!!!!
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