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  • Need a New Camera

    Hey guys, my crew was finishing our last few reshoots of a film we were making, when our tech van was hit head on at an intersection... the driver is fine but the biggest loss is all three of our cameras were thrown from the passenger side, (still in their cases) and smashed on the road ahead. I need to purchase a new camera fast... but we are desperately close to the end of our budget. Any ideas or leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not sure what level you're looking for, but I shoot with Canon Vixia HF10.

    Good HD, about $900 new, but I don't think they're made anymore.

    Can get 'em on ebay about $300-$400.

    Won't shoot SD, but ya can knock it down in post if you want.

    Kinda low end pro-sumer, but I get great results.

    Kurt Hathaway
    VikingDream7 Productions
    Video Production & Editing