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You can be part in production of the biggest indie comedy ever!

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  • You can be part in production of the biggest indie comedy ever!

    You can be part in production of the next BIG comedy! Inspired by true events! Our cinematographer has works with Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise!
    Filmed in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida. A percentage is donated to “All Children’s Hospital” for cancer research. A great film to be part of!


    Mazzaferro’s BIO: The writer/director “Joseph Mazzaferro” is a behind-the-scenes leader in the production side of film and TV; including work with VISA, McDonalds, Frank Abignale from Steven Speilberg's film "Catch me if you can", former president Bush, TV’s “Dancing with the Stars,” L’Oreal Professional, Eric Clapton, Tropicana Field home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Baseball team, World Cahampion boxer Winky Wright, The Florida State Fair, Gaspirilla and Sarasota Film Festivals and many more. In 1998, Joseph began writing song lyrics and in 2001, at the young age of 21, his first song, “Girls,” was produced and broadcast on national radio. Over the course of ten years, he has had more than fifty songs produced. Additionally, co-written sales scripts for several major corporations, including a multi-billion dollar mortgage lender. Among other works, he has written a book, “ALONE” and several television commercials.

    Bowman’s BIO: The Award winning cinematographer and co-director “ Troy Bowman” has been shooting and editing for 15 years professionally. He has been involved in a thousand different projects including work with Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise in film “Born on the 4th of July”. We have 4 cameras, edit with Final Cut Pro and can also create graphics and special effects. Bowman is a master editor, camera operator, steady cam operator, underwater video, still photography, audio, shotgun, lighting tech and much more. Bowman was part in thousands of projects including Film, TV shows, corporate video, TV commercials, and live events. Our equipment list includes four variations of high res cameras, a Sennheeisser shot gun and lapel mics, 3 Lowell soft boxes, numerous spots and scoop lights. Two edit stations including one laptop with Final Cut Pro and several other editing programs.

    Crew and Production:

    Lee's Limo's the exclusive Limo company of Limo Driver the movie.

    J.Thor Productions - A/V Production

    Apollo Productions - A/V Production

    Joseph Mazzaferro - Writer/Director

    Troy Bowman - Cinematographer/Camera/Editor

    Jeanine Mallory - Screenplay Editor

    Wheat - Camera

    Dustin Hubbard - Executive Producer

    Carlos Borges - Audio/Editing

    John Ingle - Location Manager

    Damien Colletti - Associate Producer


    LOG LINE: A limo driver with the worst luck picks up four unusual fares, and is forced to deal with drugs addicts, mental cases, rich snobs, and the murdering mob.

    PITCH: “Taxicab Confessions” meets “Four Rooms.”

    GENRE: Comedy

    SYNOPSIS: “LIMO DRIVER” is about Jack, a down-and-out limo driver who doesn’t have the best life to begin with. Things take a turn for the worse when he picks up four insanely different clients, and Jack is unwillingly pushed into the life of drugs, gangsters, gamblers, prostitutes, and murder.

    His first fare is a crack-head Asian gambler who keeps a very mysterious briefcase with him at all times. He inadvertently leaves behind a very important item, which is found by the second fare, a snobbish rich couple with young children and severe personal issues.

    After airing their dirty laundry, the next client subjects Jack to mobsters on a shakedown. A horrible mishap not only gets Jack’s hands dirty, but also leaves him as an accessory to murder. Then, just as it seems things couldn’t get any worse, a bachelor party with no limitations takes over.

    This over-the-top party has Jack in the middle of a stripper orgy, including extreme fetishes and near knockdown, drag-out brawls. When it’s all said and done, Jack and his limo are put to the test when he takes one last fare. The Asian wants back what he left behind, then realizes his loss will throw someone’s life upside down.

    Featured artist of the film:

    Music by Geri X
    Music by "Geri X" (Work is the Wolf Album) who was featured in "Rolling Stone Magazine"


    Laughter is the best medicine!

    A percentage of funds in excess of our goal will be donated to “All Children’s Hospital” to help fund cancer research for children. On a personal note: My son had his surgery at "All Children's" and I was very pleased by thier staff and the facility. It is a highly rated institute.

    Anyone can help by clicking the link below!
    Feature Film - Limo Driver the Movie -- Indiegogo

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    I would have approached this promo differently -

    Your title makes everyone feel like there may be work in this thread, especially since you placed this add in, "production"

    I don't have an issue with promotion, but you are attracting the wrong individual by doing this, this way..


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      How do I contact you?