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    Original Thread:

    From Beneath The Cellar:

    "Four young adults decide to investigate an old 1920's hospital with old tails of spirits that have such rage that just seeing or hearing one can drive a person insane. During their investigation they find that the forces of evil they are capturing on camera are leading them to the bottom level of the hospital. They pursue the sounds and images that can only be heard and seen on camera to a fake floor bottom, they dig and remove the floor to find an old cellar door that will lead to all their answers, as well as their eternal suffering."

    TO THE WRITERS: I was thinking all four characters end up getting ripped apart in a terrible way. I want this to be a found footage film meets "The Grudge"

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    How about starting with a logline?

    "A forensics team documents its efforts to collect and identify human remains unearthed from the cellar of a condemned hospital. Believing they may have finally found the missing victims of an unsolved serial murder case, the investigators soon discover just how right they are."


    "A documentary crew records the efforts of a team of archaeologists to identify ancient skeletal remains unearthed from the basement of a condemned cathedral. Believing they may have discovered a heretofore unknown species, the scientists soon learn they are more right than they could have imagined."

    Just spitballing... :)
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      Two young boys had discovered an abandoned house while playing in the woods. What they discovered in the cellar has alerted the whole town when they reported their discovery to their parents.


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        Logline for FROM BENEATH THE CELLAR

        Glad so many people liked my title!

        Here's a logline I've come up with:

        "After discovering a trap door in an abandoned winery cellar, two teenagers lower themselves, and a camera, inside, but soon find that the previous vintners were interested in far darker creations than wine."

        What comes to mind would be some great creepy shots of dust covered racks of wine bottles, some shatterings of bottles, red wine spilling around, etc.


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          REserved For mine <--- Coming Soon
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            An estranged couple hope to rekindle their relationship on a romantic escape to a remote vineyard, but instead face terror, agony and solitude in the vineyard's deep and dark history.

            I'll have a play with that and put together a synopsis to add here.
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              A family vacation to an old ruin brings back a curse that manifests in their cellar.


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                A group of friends (3 guys, 2 girls) go camping (your typical horror movie)...
                They spent the night telling horror stories. One of the guys gets scared the most, so the group decide to play a prank on him in the morning. They leave him at camp site by himself as they take off to the woods to hide.
                Their mindset is that it will be funny to see his reaction when he wakes up.

                The couple of the film (there's always a couple) end up finding a house in which it has cellar. Inside the cellar there's x-amount of dead bodies.

                The camera aspect is simple. Everyone has a camera as they get killed one by one by the person. It can be something along the lines of a friend couldn't go, so they decided to record their camping experience.


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                  Logline: A rescue operation goes underway in a town recently devastated by a hurricane. When the team comes across a cellar door, they discover that the survivors inside are no longer human.

                  Brief synopsis - I like 2001 Productions' idea of a hospital setting. I'm thinking that a flood/hurricane/freaking tsunami destroys a town and a rescue team of police and trained professionals search for survivors. They come across a cellar door and head inside. It leads them underground to a stream from an aquifer. They follow the stream to the town hospital where they encounter mutated humans and thus begin the fight for their lives.


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                    A group of college friends purchase a abandoned house with a bad history to start their own party house. With one friend documenting their new party experiences , sounds from beneath the cellar one night wake them up causing them to open the cellar, and unleash a group of imprisoned flesh eating zombies.


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                      Logline: From Beneath the Cellar

                      A young family, six months pregnant with their second child, relocate to a humble neighborhood and move into an aging Victorian where they install security cameras and baby (video) monitors and soon become infected by a toxic leak from beneath the cellar that turns them into maniacal cannibals who feast on their unsuspecting neighbors.
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                        While repairing a leak in the cellar, a family discovers the floor has been pierced from below by a sharp, ivory-colored object. As they dig deeper they unearth an enormous horn belonging to the Devil.


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                          From Beneath the Cellar
                          Bizarre and frightening events plague a young couple as they settle into their new home in the woods and prepare to welcome a new baby conceived in the bowels of Hell.
                          Bizarre events unfold with lightning speed as new home owners, Rob & Elli, fail to connect the dots. Dirt tracks in the house, broken and overturned objects, items disappearing, TV’s always blaring ‘The Flintstones.” Rob dismisses the happenings as Elli’s , ‘hormone mirages.’ Elli excuses them as Robs, ‘Guy Things.’
                          Inner comflict arises as Elli’s doctor reveals traumatic news about their unborn baby.
                          Things come to a head when Elli disappears and is subsequently discovered in a giant cocoon suspended in the, ‘Nookie’ tree in the forest, followed by the discovery of a giant ‘nest,’ in the previously unexplored cellar.


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                            FROM BENEATH THE CELLAR

                            Vince is a young film fanatic who reopens a small town movie theater in California. He rents a house that once was the summer home of a famous film director involved in a Hollywood murder. In the cellar he discovers a passage to a lower cellar full of highly flammable silver nitrate films. Vince is obsessed with watching all the films and hopefully solving the earlier unsolved murder, before the evidence goes up in smoke.


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                              A group of high-schoolers decide to spend the night after prom in the local haunted house armed with video cameras for some amateur ghost hunting--never expecting that they would indeed find something.