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New Trailer- Feedback/Advice Appreciated :)

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  • New Trailer- Feedback/Advice Appreciated :)

    Hi Guys,

    This is the trailer for my production companies new film. We're brand new and looking for advice and just some general feedback from other budding indie filmmakers in your community.

    Its a pop-culture homage heavy short film.

    [ame=]A Pocketful Of Kush - Trailer on Vimeo[/ame]

    Hope you enjoy it and look forward to your replies.




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    I liked that a lot, Thom. But it wasn't a trailer, it was a scene. I don't know anything about the movie except that it has a crazy guy in it.

    The first half, with the guy on the phone, has no real context for us. The second half, regarding the "music score", makes perfect sense and is a really funny/disturbing bit. If that was cut down to its essence it would be a great opening for a trailer, but then you need to add more stuff so we know what the movie is about.

    If you just meant it as a scene rather than a trailer, I think it's great. Well acted, well shot and cleverly written.
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      Checking it out now, will edit below.

      I would watch it for sure. That guy seems very very talented!
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        Kush Impression

        Nice trailer; great visual, good acting, but I would assume that I was going to see a series of skits, not a story. If this is the case that it will be a series of skits, great job. Otherwise, I believe more narrative is required, But great filming !



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          Nice look. What camera and lens did you guys use?