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    While I've been shooting my low budget feature, one of the most useful things Ive come across is knowing where I can shoot for free without having to worry about the cops asking me to leave. I think it would be good to have a list of possible locations where most of us with lower budgets can shoot at.
    Here is my list. If you can think of any more please list them.

    empty bus stops
    open land. Especially in desert area
    abandoned buildings and shopping centers. Sometimes you are asked to leave
    by security.

    Any ideas for inexpensive or free interior locations besides where you live?


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    Your work location.

    Your cast and crew's house and work location.

    Ask business owners in-person to film there. Many of them will say yes, especially if you or one of your cast or crew members knows them. You can offer to promote their business if you feel that it's appropriate by creating a short commercial for them or by adding their logo in your film. If the owner isn't there, drop off your business card and ask them to give it to the owner. Most of the better filming locations can be found by simply asking. You'd be surprised at how many great locations you can use for free by just asking.


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      Space. There are travel expenses, but I don't recall anyone owning it.

      New non-chain businesses.
      Houses and businesses of friends and family.
      Your workplace.
      Yeah, like Brandon said, you could do a commercial for them.