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P.O.V. Film - Props, and guns?

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  • P.O.V. Film - Props, and guns?

    So. I'm planning on making a POV style webisode (same style as "Marble Hornets") and I really need gun that look real, and shots that sound real. I don't plan on doing any editing except cutting, credits, and subtitles. Same camera video, same audio. I found this video from Film Riot that shows where to get some pretty realistic looking guns, but they're air soft guns that make no noise.

    I've already planned the way I'm going to do the entry/exit wound effects, but the real problem is the sound. I also can't seem to find any legitimate prop sites to get fake arms and guts and what not.

    Are there any preferred prop sites? And are there any sites i can get prop guns that sound like they're popping off real shots?

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    Look for a blowback airsoft gun. Then, get the Film Riot sfx pack:



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      I've done a few shorts with gun props and what I've learned is that the emphasis should not be on the prop, but on the film itself. A fairly bad fake gun in a great film: nobody will question it. However, a great fake gun in a bad film: nobody will care. So, my advice would be to spend more money and time on the effects, writing, planning and overall production quality of the short rather than on the prop gun. I was stuck once wanting to buy a $200 blowback airsoft pistol for a film and never got it, so I used a $20 one and I realized my films wouldn't benefit much from the props so I just rolled with it. Not to say my action films were good because they were pretty awful, but I am proud of my vfx work in them.

      So, anyway, don't buy an expensive prop unless ya' know, you're seasoned in the action genre. You may know all that I'm telling you, but if not, I hope I helped at all!

      Good luck!