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Free online film production managment software?

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  • Free online film production managment software?

    I'm looking for a website, or online software, where I can log in and create things like schedules, budgets, etc. I know of Gorilla, though I was hoping for something cheaper that connects online for sharing with the crew. Thank you for any suggestions.

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    I have been looking for software like this too, but I have yet to find anything at all out there that is free. It seems like Gorilla and Movie Magic are the only ones that people really use these days and both are pretty expensive. Please let us know if you do find anything!


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      So far I've found two. has potential, though it's still in beta, and I haven't used if on set though have played around with it some. It's not mobile ready though, which would be nice. is another, also in beta...I haven't tried it yet because they haven't released it to the next round of testers yet, though am on the list. Let me know if you try them out!


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        Best way I found is to save those things as templates and share the stuff on dropbox. Not quite as fancy as software but it gets the job done


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          Lets don't forget movies were made before computers. If you cant find a free or affordable managing program, buy a ledger and do it by hand old school style.


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            I know that Adobe Story will let you do this. not sure on the price.

            But yes the cheapest & possibly best way is a pencil, notebook and some cards for your schedule


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              hi, I think you could try this PMP software, it's cloud-based not so expensive, has a free trial and works properly :)


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                Free Film Production Platform

                Pretty much everything I have found does cost money in the end. They advertise as a free service, but either block all the good features, or just have a limited trial.
                Some of them have started out as a free service though, but aren't anymore. A lot of them also seem abandoned.

                Anyway, this is exactly why I created:

                It's free, and super easy to use. There are still some features missing, but it is totally usable, and developed very quickly. Every day new features, and improvements are made.

                Also, it sports a unique feature that none of these other sites seem to have, which is being able to source requirements directly from the community.

                Have a go :)



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                  having revisited this after some time, production minds was sold to some tv company, adobe story is closing down, indie boogie and manage your film have vanished. it does not look bright on the techie pm's side. :( well, celtx and dramatify are still kicking, and yamdu seems getting better, but we are running out of free options.